Love Island bosses announce the addition of ‘bucket loads’ of condoms in series set to be sexiest ever’

Love Island bosses may have toned back the amount of sex scenes shown on air, but it doesn’t mean the villa has become less raunchy.

Islanders haven’t held back when speaking about their sex lives with their fellow stars, though some try to keep things a little more under wraps.

Even if they keep their X-rated antics private, they have protection in the form square-shaped Love Island logo condoms.

Each year the villa is filled with condoms which feature a heart-shaped logo on the wrapper, and while bosses confessed they hadn’t yet received them, they’re definitely on their way.

Love Island bosses are gearing for a sexy series

According to Love Island bosses, condoms were not available in the villa during the week before the launch.

When asked if condoms were coming to the shelves, however, they replied that they would. “bucket load”Condoms will first be placed in the villa. “finished with the logo”.

Condoms continue to flood the area, which goes hand in hand with the new hideaway that is still being unveiled.

Love Island
Bosses ensure that islanders can practice safe sex on their visit to the villa for love.

And it looks like bosses are predicting a lot of steamy set-ups this year, with executive producer Mike Spencer admitting they’ve been working overdrive on their match-making.

He said: “We’ve worked really hard to match make this year.

“I’m hoping that there’s someone for everyone, I think we’ve done well with types. It’s hard to know, but I think we’ve got a good group of people.”

Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore will once again be the host

Although the new lineup has been announced, there are no surprises. This is where the real drama begins.

Laura Whitmore, her husband Iain Stirling and voiceover will be back as hosts.

Love Island will premiere on ITV at 9 p.m. on June 6.

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