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Love Island’s Laura Whitmore defends herself from ‘humiliation’ criticism

Love Island fans have criticized Laura Whitmore.

Laura Whitmore introduced Remi to Aftersun’s departure show.

Due to such a short stint on Love Island, Remi didn’t have the opportunity to really show who he was, apart from one freestyle rap.

Whitmore asked Remi for another Aftersun. Fans were critical of Laura’s inability to come up with a final line.

One of them said: “Hope #LoveIsland supports Remi. He looked broken on #Loveislandaftersun. Asking him to rap was done in bad faith and to humiliate. I thought @thewhitmore & crew were supposed to ‘BE KIND’”

Laura responded by defending her self though “Remi is a rapper and asked in good faith in advance if he’d rap and prepare something which he did.”

She continued: “Live Telly is nerve wrecking, believe me, so maybe he was a bit nervous but he deserved to have his time. Also I want to make Remi & Afia happen!”


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