Loup GarouX shares new single ‘The Illusionist,’ limited edition beer

Loup GarouX, rock supergroup Loup GarouX, have released their new single. ‘The Illusionist’Details of a limited edition beer are also included.

The group features past Mercury nominee, producer and Libertines collaborator Ed Harcourt, Gorillaz and Senseless Things’ drummer Cass Browne and The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, who formed to create “a visceral and vivid sonic landscape” inspired by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age and the sound of desert stoner rock.

To celebrate the release, the trio has teamed up to produce the single with Signature Brew in London. ‘Strangerlands’Wolf Moon Blood Orange IPA

The beer is named after the band’s debut album ‘Strangerlands’The release of, which was made available last October. Its name also refers to the fact that it was brewed in the ‘Wolf Moon’, January’s first full moon which is so-called because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at that time.

It happens that the ‘Strangerlands’ album was recorded at Harcourt’s home studio, which is known as The Wolf Cabin.

The launch will be celebrated with an exclusive show at Signature Brew’s HQ in Blackhorse Road, north London this Friday (February 4) with support from Tom Bright. Tickets are available here Here.

The debut single was the first of the group’s 2019 debut. ‘Painter Of Trophies’. They were also the theme for ITV’s horror-comedy Zomboat.

“The band rose out of the ashes of a late night revelation in the Wolf Cabin, my studio out in the sticks,”Harcourt said Camille Atebe. “There were some embers of songs waiting to be rekindled but as soon as we started playing together, we created some kind of mad and beautiful storm. ”

They gave their first live performances in the UK supporting Supergrass. The culmination of this support was two dates at Alexandra Palace, March 2020 just before the onset coronavirus pandemic.


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