Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards reveals she’s not had heating on for three months to save money amid cost of living crisis

Brenda Edwards, a LOOSE Women’s Advocate, has spoken out to say that she stopped heating her house because of the rising cost of living.

52-year old TV star stated that her central heating has been off for three months due to “utility bill anxiety” caused by rising energy prices.


Brenda Edwards turned off her heating due to rising energy costsCredit: ITV

She said, “I’m trying my best to save as much money as possible.” It’s reported that they are sending 1.3 billion dollars in military weapon support [to Ukraine]Then, we feel that we are not getting the support we need. What is the point of this?

“1.3 billion, again. That’s a lot of money that could help a family with their young children.”

The discussion comes as the government prepares to give £1.3billion in military aid to Ukraine to help it repel the Russian invasion.

UK equipment has proven to be very effective in fighting Russian aircraft and tanks.

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The UK has been accused of engaging in a proxy war’ and is being warned about the availability of weapons.

The conflict has seen energy prices rocket due to the conflict, with a massive increase of 54% last month and more rises expected later in this year.

Brenda, who was 31 years old at the time, recently returned to Loose Women after the tragic death her son Jamal.

Brenda and Coleen had an emotional conversation about Jamal’s passing. They shared how Jamal died holding their hand after suffering a cardiac arrest at home.

She stated that she felt a little comfort knowing he was there.

“As much as that is comfort, at the same time, it’s a vision that I am never going to forget.”

Brenda is trying to save money


Brenda is trying to save some moneyCredit: ITV


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