Long Island Medium Fans Go Nuts over Theresa Caputo’s New Look

Long Island Medium fans are going crazy over Theresa Caputo’s sexy new look. On Instagram, the popular psychic revealed a new side to herself. It’s hard to believe that she’s 55 years old. When she showed off her tanned legs with her new hairstyle, it caused a double-take from her fans.

TLC fans know Theresa. She was passionate about her bouffant style, which she teasingly called the “high heavens”. The reality star also didn’t experiment with her style during those days. Theresa wore black, from head to toe, and kept it simple.

She’s been experimenting with her style more these days. Theresa Caputo continues her national tour and meet-and greet. The Long Island MediumStar is feeling much better since she was sick. She had to cancel some dates. With her new Instagram look, she shocked fans.

[TLC | YouTube]

Theresa Caputo reveals a new, leggy look

The star of Long Island MediumFans were able to see her new look. Her tanned legs were all that was in focus. Theresa was sitting cross-legged on a blue velvet lounger with a big smile. She wore black blazer and matching tank top and shorts.

While she held a small gold purse in her right hand, the television personality leaned her left hand against the couch. Camouflage boots were the perfect finishing touch to her slim figure. She was enjoying herself at the American Dream Mall, located in East Rutherford (New Jersey).Long Island MediumFans loved her new, sassy look that featured a completely new hairstyle.

Long Island Medium Star Shows Off Legs [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]

“Love me a day at the mall,”Theresa Caputo captioned her simply post.

Long Island MediumMany fans commented in the section. They noticed that she didn’t wear her usual beehive hairstyle. They liked her new style and agreed that it made her look much younger.

  • “You look so young! I hope I look like this when I become a grandma!”
  • “Your hair is everything I needed to make today better.”
  • “I love this hairstyle on you!”
  • “That hairstyle really suits you!”

Long Island MediumStars are hard to identify without the bouffant

She keeps showing off her new hairstyles via Instagram. Theresa enjoys teasing her hair with hairspray. She has previously shown her process in previous seasons. Love Island Medium. But she’s been trying out more flattering styles lately.

Theresa Caputo's Whole New Look [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]

Theresa wore an extravagantly blinged cut in her hair that she paired it with longer hair extensions. Recently,Long Island MediumTheresa shared photos with her grandbaby Michelina Rose and fans were outraged. They think her long nails are too dangerous for the baby’s sensitive skin.

What are your thoughts on Theresa’s latest look? Are you adamant that she looks better with her new hairstyle? Leave a comment below.

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