Lonely Elderly Lady Is Stuck in Bath for 4 Days – Only an Attentive Waitress Notices Her Absence

A waitress noticed that an elderly lady was not showing up at the cafe she frequented for her weekly cup of tea and cake. After she became sick, she decided that she would sound an alarm to save her life.

Did you ever feel kindness from someone completely stranger? Many people prefer to keep their problems quiet and hide their pain. Not everyone is comfortable asking for help. However, just because they aren’t vocal about their problems doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t need love or grace.

People, especially seniors, who live alone, may not be connected with others in their community. It’s not easy to live alone. Seniors can be more vulnerableStrokes, passing out or minor injuries can all lead to unfortunate incidents, such as slipping down the stairs. We are sharing a similar story.

Doreen Mann.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Doreen Mann (Essex, England) began living alone when her husband was placed in a facility for the elderly. She was an experienced caregiver and loved doing something different as part of her daily routine.

She loved going to a cafe.She began her independent life in Southend’s High Street. Sonia Congrave worked as a waitress in Tomassi’s for over 15 years. Mann always remarked on when she came in to order her favorite slice of cake or tea.

Congrave was 39 when he became very concerned back in 2016. When her regular customer did not show upFor a few days. At first, she thought Mann was a relative.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News

Sonia Congrave. | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Congrave began to sense that something was not right as the days went by and the elderly woman missed her weekend visit. Congrave was unable to take it any longer, so the shrewd waitress intervened. An alarm was sounded.

Mann, an 87-year-old pensioner, was, on the other hand, facing difficult and painful circumstances. It all started when she went into her bathtub to get a bath and hit a point. There were places she felt she couldn’t move her legs.

Congrave stated that Mann was loved and valued by Tomassi’s employees and she enjoyed having her around.

Doreen Mann, a 87-year old pensioner from Essex.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News

There is NO ONE to help you

She tried her best to get up and move, but her knees and legs were stuck and she wouldn’t let go. She couldn’t call for help because she was alone. But she did her best to stay calm. Mann recounted:

“I went to turn over onto my knees to get out of the bath, and I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t turn over. I don’t understand how calm I kept. It wasn’t natural. Something kept telling me ‘keep calm’ (sic).”

The older lady was noted She was in the tub for almost four days.Her mind was filled with negative thoughts throughout the entire time. Mann claimed that there was nothing Mann could distract her from, such as a book she could not feel miserable reading. Mann also stated:

“I do not know how I did it. I mean I just couldn’t get out of the bath and I was there from Friday morning until Monday morning.”

Congrave is seen setting up a Tomassi’s table.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Mann explained that Mann filled her bathtub with warm water and drank it from the tap. Wrapped herself in a gownTo survive, she also needed a towel. She also added:

“The peculiar thing was I always hang my dressing gown on the boiler door but this time I hung it on the door which is right by the bath. Because I did I used that as a make shift cover. That is the only thing I had but thank goodness I had that and the towel.”

Mann was spotted by someone who appreciated Mann’s work and noticed her absence. She wasn’t her granddaughter, daughter, or neighbor. Instead, She was Tomassi’s friendly waitress.Mann was a frequent customer.

Doreen Mann, a 87-year old pensioner from Essex.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Congrave’s quick-thinking and kindness enabled police to arrive at Mann’s home and find the doors unlocked. The cops immediately heard Mann’s cries for help when they entered the house. She was stuck in the tub.

Mann, who was left in the tub at 9:30 am on October 7, was finally freed. Finally rescuedOctober 10,Rescuers noticed that her knees had been bruised from her unsuccessful attempts to escape, and she was very shaken.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News

Sonia Congrave. | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Mann was able to escape the danger and the nightmare ended. It was all due to the kind-hearted and attentive waitressShe followed her instinct and called her customer to check on her. Congrave expressed:

“I just think it would be nice for us all to just take a bit time out and remember your neighbors or remember the lady down the road you haven’t seen for a few days. Just give a knock or a phone call and just say ‘Are you alright (sic)?'”

Congrave is seen setting up a table in the cafe crowded with customers.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Mann was shocked to learn that Congrave had sent police officers. She couldn’t stop thanking her for her kind heart and praises. She was called by an older lady. “an angel”And said:

“She is not a relation of mine but we are close, she’s like a daughter to me, as I haven’t got anybody else. Right from when I first met Sonia I always nicknamed her as my adopted daughter.”

Doreen Mann.Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News | Source: YouTube.com/On Demand News


Congrave stated that Mann was loved by her and Tomassi’s staff and she greatly valued Mann. Congrave felt that something was not right when she didn’t see Mann for a few days and decided to investigate.

Mann shared with us that Tomassis has become her second home. Congrave and her staff were like second-families Because she didn’t know anyone, except for her cousin living in Chelmsford (Essex). She also revealed:

“Going to Tomassi’s was the best thing I ever did. I started going in there 13 years ago and the staff there are so kind. I do not know what I would do without Sonia and the rest of them because it is my second home, they are my second family.”


Congrave stated that she intended to Purchase a mobile phone to Mann in an emergencyMann would frequently visit Congrave to assist her in the bath. Many netizens were touched by Mann and Congrave’s beautiful connection and left encouraging remarks for the ladies. One user wrote:

“Behind those big beautiful blue eyes lies a heart of gold.”

Another said: “After that ordeal, she is still able to laugh about it. Surely her body is old but she has a young spirit.”It’s amazing how a stranger can save a life by creating a bond with another. Please share this heartwarming tale If you believe kindness has no limits,


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