London Resort is dubbed the “UK’s Disneyland” and will have a Game of Thrones theme.

NEW: A NEW theme park is being named “the UK’s Disneyland”The theme of the event will be Game of Thrones.

London Resort’s bosses unveiled a new photo of the park’s interior, and declared a new day for the park after several delays.


New image shows that a UK theme park could feature a Game of Thrones-style themeCredit: LondonResort
The London Resort theme park his expected to open in 2025


London Resort is expected to open in 2025Credit: The Mega Agency

The £2.5billion project was first announced in 2012, with hopes to have opened by 2019.

It has been plagued with delays, disagreements between locals, and wildlife protection laws.

Due to the presence of rare species, a portion of the area became a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Py Gerbeau, the London Resort boss, confirmed that work will begin next year.

Last night, it was revealed that he intends to make the park accessible to the public in 2025.

Bosses also posted updates to the resort’s Twitter account. Also, they shared an artist’s rendition of a new section of the venue.

It features a fire-breathing Dragon on top of an enormous castle with turrets.

The bricks appear to be being eroded by the lava, while the greenery is dotted with arrows and people gather at the base.

A new image was added to the image. “work in progress”The list will be available for 2021 as well as the year ahead.

“Update DCO [development consent order] documents, revise opening date to 2025, partner with dynamic and visionary IP brands, continue designing cutting edge unique experiences, appreciate all the support, beware ‘hic sunt dracones’ (among other things). Bring on 2022,”It was as follows:

“Hic sunt dracones”It is the definition of. “here be dragons”Latin hints at the future.

Although the London Resort has yet to be approved by the government, bosses anticipate that permission will be granted later in the year after they submit a proposal of 25,000 pages at the end 2020.

It will be three times bigger than any other UK theme park once it is complete. It covers 535 acres or the equivalent of 136 Wembley Stadiums.

It will be located between Gravesend, Dartford, Kent and will be the largest new European theme park investment since Disneyland Paris in 1992.

Working with BBC Studios, ITV and Paramount, the park will be split into six different themed lands, along with a water park, three hotels and a shopping district.

The Studios includes a warehouse district featuring blockbuster movie features and fairytale land The Woods as well as King Arthur-themed The Kingdom.

A futuristic and Jungle-themed land will also be available.


Gerbeau stated in December’s last update that there would not be any “material changes”According to Kent OnlineWith “subtle”Design changes made to protect the land near the resort

He said that he was working closely with the government to minimize the effects on the area. “common ground”.

Gerbeaud stated: “We are committed to providing examining authority with new and updated documents, as we previously promised.”

“We can also confirm, as previously indicated that we will be addressing the full range of issues in relation to time-dependant information being sufficiently current and will, as a matter of normal process in any examination, be supplementing our reports with additional information.”

He also stated previously: “To all the naysayers and doom-mongers, the London Resort is going ahead, as planned.”

All the doom-mongers & naysayers, the London Resort is moving ahead as planned.

Py Gerbeau

Plans were announced earlier in the year for a land that would be dedicated dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Base Camp is home to two rollercoasters. The fastest one in Europe will reach speeds exceeding 70mph.

The second rollercoaster is a family ride with a more relaxed experience. A dark ride uses technology to teach guests how to interact dinosaurs and conduct a science mission.

A 1,500-person live stage performance and an informative exhibit will also be on the land. “active dig site”There are many ways to get involved in paleontology, including digging for dinosaur fossils and climbing up walls and zip-lining.

London Resort will eventually be a two-park resort, with the second expected in 2029.

It had been due to open years earlier but it was hit by severe delays


It had been scheduled to open years before, but it was delayed by severe delaysCredit: LondonResort
The theme park will be the biggest to be built from scratch in Europe since Disneyland Paris in 1992


It will be Europe’s biggest theme park built from scratch since Disneyland Paris 1992.
Bosses announced the park's first land last year which will feature dinosaurs and huge rollercoasters


Bosses last year announced that the park would have its first land, featuring dinosaurs as well as huge rollercoasters.
A second resort is expected to open by 2029


In 2029, a second resort is planned to open
First pictures of huge £3.5BILLION ‘British Disneyland’Set to open within 20 minutes of London


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