Little Boy Sees Man Reminding him of His Dad. He approaches him with $20 and a note

A tiny boy who knew very little about selflessness set an example for others when he found a dollar bill with a serviceman and reminded his dad.

Myles Eckert, eight years old, lost his father when he couldn’t tell his left from his right. Andy Eckert was the youngster’s military officer father and died while on duty in Iraq. It was five weeks since his son’s birth.

Myles didn’t know his father, but there were many pictures, dog tags and stories that helped him to form his imagination. Because they were like Andy, Myles loved seeing the army officers.

Myles Eckert speaks during an interview. Source: Youtube/ CBS Evening News| Source: Youtube/ CBS Evening News

He was so attached to this idea that he decided, spontaneously and without any hesitation, what he would do with a dollar bill he had just stumbled upon.


Little Myles, a young man from Ohio, was strolling into a Cracker Barrel in the Ohio Air National Guard Base Territory near Toledo when he discovered a $20 note. The youngster was thrilled when he chose what to do.

According to the time stamp on the security camera, Frank Dailey, an Army officer, entered the restaurant a few minutes after Myles arrived with his family. He had entered the restaurant with his wife and child in a baby carrier.

Myles Eckert and an army officer, Lt. Col. Frank Dailey speak on “The Ellen Show” | Source: Youtube/TheEllenShow

Myles’ family also moved in quickly. But, Myles immediately made a decision to spend his money as soon as he saw the soldier.

Myles began to write a brief note on a piece of post-it paper that he attached to the money. His note was addressed to Dailey by the preteen. Writing:

“Dear Soldier — my dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It’s your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.”

Myles, at such a young age knew what honor meant and he remembered his father’s memory when he reached out for the soldier in the restaurant.

Myles told CBS that initially he wanted to buy a videogame with the money. But, he realized that he was better off seeing the man in uniform.

Dailey was stunned beyond belief when he read Myles’ profound note and received the money. The gift of the little boy meant so much more to him than its actual value. The soldier loved it. DescribedIt is “A lifetime direction, for sure.”

Dailey also told the publication that Myles’ dollar bill was his, and that he intended to give more. He hoped that the viral story and Myles’ post-it note would encourage others to embrace the act.

Dailey stated that he had been keeping a note of the note in his hand since he first met Myles. This fateful day inspired him to start the pay-it forward movement.

Tiffany Eckert Tiffany Eckert is Myles’ mom and says that after the restaurant, Myles went to his dad’s gravesite. Tiffany claimed that Miles had asked to see Andy’s gravestone after his touching gesture to the soldier from Cracker Barrel. She also said that he wanted to go alone to this place.

Tiffany drove her son to the cemetery and watched him make his way up to his dad’s gravestone. As the boy stood in the snow-covered gravesite, his mom was pleased and shared a photo.

She captured the sweetest moment when Andy hugged Andy’s tombstone. She said that she was certain he told her the story about him and the soldier at lunch.

Myles’s face was not visible in the photo. However, it was obvious that he was overwhelmed by the emotions. The cold biting cold did not bother the youngster, who was dressed in a green jacket and a brown head warmer.

While he was standing behind an American flag, he wrapped his arms around the monument. Myles had no other memories than his father, but he loved them dearly. He showed Steven Hartman the dog tags as well as Andy’s wedding rings while he was speaking to CBS. He His late father:

“I imagined him as a really nice person, and somebody that’d be really fun.”

Myles’ story went viral enough for TV icon Ellen DeGeneres to invite him on her eponymous show. Dailey also made an appearance where he explained how he duplicated Myles’ post-it note and took the copies to a local charity.

DeGeneres honored Myles for being a young boy with a big heart. DeGeneres gave Myles a copy of Lego, an invitation to Legoland, as well as a check for $22,000 while they were on the program.

Children are gentle, kindhearted people who will never hide their feelings. They are also compassionate creatures that think outside of their own heads. Myles’s kindness is a great example of children showing their kindness.

Are you able to see your deceased loved ones through others? Are you aware of anyone who sees their parents through others? Please share this touching story with them.


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