Little Boy Lost in Busy Market, Looking for his Mother. Taxi Driver Approaches to Reach him

The young boy was searching for his mother when he was lost in a busy street. He was distraught and lost. He was rescued by a taxi driver, and his entire life was transformed. 

In 1985 and at the tender age of 5 years old, Joel, originally from Quezon City in the Philippines, woke up to find that his mom was nowhere to be seen. She had already left for work.

The little boy was not happy for his flatmates. He set out on a mission to find his mom. Joel didn’t know this.This search would go on for three entire decades

[Left]A poster featuring a picture of Joel De Carteret as a young man; Source: Minutes Australia [Right] Joel De Carteret  when he was a child. | Source: Minutes Australia


The boy had been looking for his mom in a busy street market in Manila. At this point, Joel had been searching for his mother the whole day and was lost. 

Trying to help, a taxi driver took Joel to an orphanage, where The boy’s entire life was changed. A woman adopted him from Melbourne, Australia, Julie De Carteret. 

While it took the young boy time to transition to what was an entirely new world, Joel, now Joel De Carteret, eventually adapted and grew up living a great life in the “Land Down Under.”

Joel De Carteret and his adoptive mother Julie De Carteret as a young boy.Source: Minutes Australia | Source: Minutes Australia


Even with this wonderful upbringing, something in Joel constantly ached to find his biological mother. In 2017, Joel decided to make the leap and search for his biological mother. once again, search the streets of the Philippines. He boarded a plane without a solid plan

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When he reached the destination, he went back to the market where he was lost as a boy many decades before. Four weeks into his journey, he ran into a couple named Vicki and Danny.

Their son went missing at the same time as his disappearance, causing them to think they may be family. D.N.A confirmed that this was not a mistake, and they were not related.

Joel De Carteret is looking for his biological mother in The Philippines. Source: Minutes Australia | Source: Minutes Australia


But, not too long after, he took to regional television and radio stations, asking if anyone had information. This was a game changer.

A person who heard about Joel’s plight brought him a photo of a family, which a young Joel was clearly in. From this picture, he could trace his biological mother: Herminia Rio. 

Herminia Rio. | Source:


The two had a beautiful reunion right before Joel had to return to Australia. He eventually came back to his birth country with his adoptive mother so all three of them could spend time together. Julie

“He was a dear little boy. I always knew there was another woman out there who loved him, never for a minute thinking that I would meet her.”

Rio eventually came to visit them in Australia in 2017. At the airport, she and her biological son hugged tightly. Julie smiled affectionately at them



Julie expressed her joy at the reunion and said it was an amazing occurrence. As the biological mother

“It’s wonderful. It’s just a happy ending. Everybody loves a happy ending.”

Rio expressed her appreciation toward Julie for raising Joel. Rio expressed her gratitude to Julie for raising Joel. 


It looked to be a definite happy ending for Joel. He expressed utter disbelief about having his biological mom in Australia with him, saying it did not feel real. He explains that he was astonished to have his biological mom in Australia with him.

“It’s surreal. It’s really surreal. You know, six months ago, I would never have thought my biological mom would be sitting next to me, and we get to hang out [sic].”

Most importantly, Joel managed to find a missing part of himself. He had to, he said. Recover that lost boyIt was decades ago that the market was there. 


Joel’s tale demonstrates how our origins can make a significant difference to our identity. So, when we become disconnected from this, we can feel physically and internally lost. 

This slow erosion of Clifford Boyson’s selfhood began when he was just a child. He was thrown into foster care; he and his four siblings were torn apart and sent to different homes

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But, he was determined to see his siblings again. He sent an uncountable number of letters out to find out if anyone knew where they were.

However, 7-year-old Eddie Hanzlin had a better approach, using the internet to help his now-elderly neighbor Boyson.

The boy managed to find his one sister Betty Billadeau via a Facebook search. This discovery led to an emotional reunion between the brother and sister. Tragically, all her siblings died..

But, at least, as with Joel, Boyson was now able to connect with someone who reflected a piece of who he was back at him — a kind of home he always longed for inside.


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