Lifetime’s Lies Beneath The Surface” Is Cat & Mouse Game

Lifetime is the only company that makes vacation movies like this! Their latest LMN horror, Hidden Treasures Below the SurfaceIt is a great way to get your lake cabin ready for the summer!

Lelia Symington stars in this movieThe Sojourn Audio Drama, Bury me Twice), and Michael Perl (The Walls Are Watching, Aloha with Love), as well as Sarah Malfara, Brad Worch II, Ben Swilley, Ashleigh Ann Wood, Jaime Brightbill, Katie Payne, Stephanie Daracaud, Kaylin Filipiak, Dean Deck, Brett Cormier, Rhonda Davis, Michael Perrucci, Jenny Austin, Andrew Vilar, and Gay Lora Grooms.

Matt Fitzsimons (Psycho Intern, Murder at Maple DriveJose Montesinos (scriptwriter) was responsible for the creation.The Soulmate Search, Secrets in the SnowThe director is ).

What Is Lifetime’s Hidden Treasures Below the Surface About?

According to the Lifetime SynopsisHanna, on vacation, is paddling alone in remote lakes. Hanna suddenly notices something unusual happening in a cabin near the lake. Hanna suspects that Hanna and her daughter are in serious trouble. Hanna sees the cabin where they are staying.

After she talks to authorities, however, they discover that there is nothing amiss. They ignore Hanna, and continue on their way. Hanna, however, decides to go to the cabin to see it for herself and finds herself suddenly in a deadly game with cat and mouse.

When can you watch? Hidden Treasures Below the Surface?

The premiere of Lifetime’s Hidden Treasures Below the SurfaceThis will take place on Friday, August 5, 2008 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on LMN.

Secrets of the Deep:, used with Lifetime’s permission

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Immediately after watching Lifetime’s Hidden Treasures Below the SurfaceStay on LMN for another thriller Drowning in Secrets.

The fun day begins with a trip on the water. But then, a young girl goes missing from unknown circumstances. Determined to find her, the woman’s sister returns home in a desperate search for clues that could lead to the truth of her sister’s disappearance. Christina DeRosa with Alec Nevin, D.C. Douglas and Laura Poe. Chelsea Vale star.

Next Deadly Ex Doors Open Evening

Do you want to get your Lifetime Vacation thriller movie night started early? Then don’t miss Next Door Deadly ExOn LMN, airing at 6 p.m. Eastern. This stars Tianna Nori, Jack Grinhaus, Jean-Paul Najm, and Brendee Serena Gree.

Elise (wife) and Allan (husband and wife) just bought a gorgeous cabin overlooking the lake. They live a happy life until the new couple moves in next door.

This turns out to be Elise’s ex-friend Geena, and her husband, Lee. Geena stole Lee’s friend Elise from Lee, making it seem like they were once a married couple. This incident ended their friendship.

Geena is now a neighbor and wants to fix fences. Elise forgives her, even though she is reluctant. Things quickly turn crazy. Elise is attacked while walking near the cabin in the woods by a man disguised in thick vegetation. Worst, Elise is also accused of having an affair.

Elise is skeptical of Geena’s character and wonders if she is playing a game. Both of them are at odds and things get worse. Geena is murdered and it appears that Allan did it.

Elise must now find out who committed the crime and protect her husband. He is the only person she can trust.


Lifetime's Lies Beneath The Surface" Is Cat & Mouse Game
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