Liberal Democrats cannot rule out a Labour-Liberal coalition pact at the next election

Sir Ed Davey, Lib Dem leader, did not rule out a deal to oust Labour at the next general Election. He said however that he was focusing on holding this wretched Government accountable’

The Liberal Democrats have not ruled it out of joining a Labour-Liberal coalition in the next general election.

Sir Ed Davey did not explicitly deny any questions regarding a pact between Labour and him, but said that he was focusing on holding “this wretched Government to account”Instead of looking for the next election.

Both Labour as well as the Lib Dems have denied claims made by Oliver Dowden, Tory chairman of Tory, about a secret agreement to inflict suffering on the Conservatives at local elections.

Keir Starmer is unlikely to sign an official agreement, but there have been rumors of non-aggression agreements between the parties during recent by-elections.

Following the Tories’ hammering at polls, questions were raised by the leader of Lib Dems about whether his party would unite with KeirStarmer.

Boris Johnson lost hundreds to the local elections.


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Professor Michael Thrasher, an election expert, analyzed Sky News and concluded that Boris Johnson would lose his Commons majority as well as nearly 90 seats, if the results of local elections were replicated on a national level.

The Lib Dems won 222 local councillors in the elections, and were encouraged by success in the Tories southern heartlands.

It was a difficult night for the Conservatives who lost almost 500 seats in council, while Labour increased their numbers by 115, and took three Tory totemic councils in London.

Sir Ed was asked if he would form a coalition with Labour during the next election. “You’re asking me to think about two years ahead, two and a half years ahead, and as I said earlier I’m not going to take voters for granted.

“I have a job and it’s to hold the wretched government accountable for their appalling economic policies.”

Pressed to answer the question, he said: “It’s just a hypothesis, it’s already two years in the future.”

Labour leader Keir Sternmer


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He was asked again if it would be possible to join a coalition. “ambitious”for the Liberal Democrats and he wanted that the Tories were defeated.

He was asked by a reporter how he would go into Government if he didn’t have a Labour pact. “topple lots of Conservative MPs, adding: “Honestly, you can’t wait to see what happens after that.”

Asked a fifth time if he would consider it, he said: “I am currently thinking about how we can hold this appalling Government accountable and how we can defeat Conservative MPs in the next election.

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