‘Let’s figure out solutions’: Mourners gather to remember the dead, push for change after mass shootings

People gathered in Los Angeles to pay their respects for those who had been affected by the recent mass shootings.

Sunset and Vine, in Hollywood, honored the victims of three shootings with posters and flowers. These were the attacks on an Orange County luncheon, the attack at a Buffalo grocery that targeted the Black community and the massacre of teachers and children at an elementary school, Uvalde, Texas.

“You know, just all too common now. Almost all of us know somebody who’s been impacted by a mass shooting,”Anthony Bryson, activist

“We feel like it’s important that we join in our community and say let’s be there for each other, let’s support each other but also, let’s figure out solutions,”Justine Flores was added to the list.

Josh Pacheco, a man who assisted a shooting victim near Grand Central Market earlier, called for further action.

“Mass shootings, shootings in general in broad daylight with no regard for public safety, are far too common in this country and there definitely needs to be something done about it,”Pacheco spoke.

Woodland Hills also saw many people gather.

“Look, the laws that we have on the books here in California we know are working. They reduce gun violence by about half, but what we need to do is expand those protections to the federal level, so universal background checks and regulations on magazines that have a huge capacity … There’s a lot more that we can do,”Christy Smith, a Democrat, is the congressional candidate.

“We’re taking action to let our legislators know that we are done, that enough is enough and it’s time to make changes in this country and save lives,”Stacy Moseley was also added to the list.


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