Legoland California allows you to build and race your Ferrari

If you’ve ever dreamed of racing a Ferrari, Legoland California’s latest attraction is now open!

It’s called Ferrari Build & Race.

OK, so you won’t exactly be stepping inside the sports car dreams are made of, but kids will have fun building and racing their own Lego version of the iconic car.

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Attraction begins with a spectacular display of a unique attraction life size Lego Ferrari F40Sports car. It’s made of 350,000+ pieces and took 1,900+ hours to build.

Next, the kids will take their car creations to test them on various tracks. There’s one where you try to get your car to fly through a tire and another where you can see how fast your car takes to go down a track.

This makes for great photos and inspires kids to make their own Ferrari race cars out of Lego pieces. Spoiler alert: it won’t be as big.

To make their Lego cars faster, kids can modify them. It’s all about aerodynamics.

The whole thing reminds me a lot of the Pinewood Derby contest I participated in as a Cub Scout.

Once the car is finalized, it’s off to the third phase of the attraction, where you race the car.

A scanner scans the car and creates a digital replica. The digital version is then displayed on a digital racetrack.

“We actually created a technology that will measure aerodynamics, drag force everything,”Weston Owen, from Dimensional Innovations explained the team that created the attraction.

Legoland California allows you to build and race your Ferrari

Track conditions can vary – during our test races it was virtually raining on the track. This makes it a truly unique race, no matter how many times the attraction is used.

The fastest car wins bragging rights and there’s another fun photo op at the end of the race where kids can stand in a “winner’s circle”Style Area

My take on this attraction: It’s simple, wholesome Lego fun. On the one hand, it’s introducing a new generation of kids to a luxury car brand they may or may not be familiar with, but there’s enough creativity and challenge here to make it all worth it.


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