LAX and Airports Across the Country Cancel and Delay Thousands of Flights – Los Angeles

A combination of severe weather and labor shortages is causing flight cancellations or delays across the country.

Many flights are being cancelled or delayed due to severe weather conditions in parts of the country.

Airlines are keeping their flights grounded because of the continued bad weather.

These changes are happening just as summer travel is peaking and thousands of tourists will flood airports.

According to Flight Aware,LAX, a website that tracks flight cancellation and delays statistics, has canceled 32 flights and delayed 136 others as of Saturday noon.

The flight issues at LAX are among the 2,679 delayed or canceled flights that Flight Aware reports across the country on Saturday.

Long Beach Airport had 10 delays without cancellations; John Wayne Airport had 23 cancellations and four delays, while Ontario International Airport had 10 delays.

Airlines are having difficulty finding pilots and flight attendants, which makes it difficult for them to meet summer travel demand.

If you are getting ready to travel make sure to double check the status of your flight and plan ahead to get to the airport early.


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