Lawrence Kasdan, The Empire Strikes Back Writer, Describes His First Experience Seeing The Movie

After the success of “The Empire Strikes Back” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,”Lawrence Kasdan co-wrote the script. “Return of the Jedi”He launched a career in writing and directing that included filmic gems such as “The Big Chill,” “Body Heat,” “The Accidental Tourist,” “Grand Canyon.”He also returned from the world of “Star Wars”You can work on “The Force Awakens” “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

He has now directed six parts of a documentary. “Light and Magic,”This is the story of Industrial Light and Magic. George Lucas founded the visual effects company to create the magic. “Star Wars.”ILM has been the most innovative and well-known VFX shop in the entire world since then. The company and its stellar roster of artists have created some of the most remarkable effects ever.

It was watching how ILM brought his manuscript for. “The Empire Strikes Back”Kasdan’s admiration for the company was reflected in his screen-caps. “It’s miraculous, it’s astounding,”Looper is told by he about his first experience seeing the film. “You feel you’ve wandered into some magical land that you never knew existed.”

Kasdan’s documentary is a touching tribute to ILM’s spirit, energy and talent over the decades. It is the same elements that brought Kasdan’s first screenplay to stunning life on the screen. “One of the things that I think comes across in the [series] that was a surprise to me is how much people like Steven Spielberg and George and [Robert] Zemeckis and [James] Cameron depended on ILM,”He said. “They would say, ‘This is what I want. Can you do it?’ And ILM didn’t always know how to do it, but they were absolutely committed to helping these directors achieve those things.”

“Light and Magic”Disney+ now streams the video


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