LAUSD Dismisses Major COVID Protocols before School Year Begins Here’s What’s Changing – Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified School District made major changes to its COVID policy before the school year began. This was in response to criticisms that it is one of the most restrictive policies in the country.

LA UnifiedThe testing protocol and masking requirements were dropped and the weekly mandatory testing was modified.

Here’s what’s changing.


Although masks are highly recommended, they are not necessary.

Weekly COVID Testing

Weekly testing is no more required. Instead, a response testing protocol is being established. Students will be able to perform at-home rapid antibody tests. Students who are not symptomatic will not need to be tested weekly.

Weekly testing was considered a huge undertaking that cost the district millions.

District also announced that it would give at-home rapid test to students Aug. 19 and request that staff and students take the test 48 hours prior to Aug. 22.

Daily Pass

A QR code is all that’s required to allow students to access the school. This protocol was established during the height of the pandemic.

These changes to the policy were made after Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent of LAUSD, estimated that up to 20,000 students have not been enrolled or stopped attending school last year.

Carvalho explained that COVID protocols have been modified in response to recommendations from healthcare professionals.

As the first day nears, the district is still looking for more than 900 teachers and 200 bus drivers.

After the LA Unified Board of Education approved the extension of the 2022-2023 school years by a few days, the new school year will be more than others.

It is hoped that students who are behind because of the pandemic will be able to catch up with their studies by giving them an extra day.

Teachers’ union UTLA is against weekly testing.


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