LAPD Officer Injured in Downtown LA Protest – Los Angeles

A tactical alert was placed across the city Tuesday following an injury to a Los Angeles Police Department officer while trying control protestors near Pershing Square.

According to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, officers were on the scene with 250 people protesting abortion rights. They were walking from Broadway to First Street, near Los Angeles City Hall and Pershing Square at just after 8:15 PM.

Moore reported that the protesters moved into Pershing Square after reaching the intersection. Officers had to call for a dispersal. Moore also stated that they began throwing rocks and bottles at officers of the LAPD, with one officer being injured.

A paramedic was dispatched to the scene but the condition of the officer could not be confirmed by authorities.

Demonstrators resumed their march through downtown after stopping at Pershing square. Video captured at the scene showed occasional skirmishes among law enforcement officers and participants during the long protest.

One Department of Homeland Security vehicle had its back windows smashed.

Capt. LAPD Issac Ruiz was the incident commander during the protests and said that no arrests were made.

Ruiz said that the injured officer was struck in the head by an angry group, but that he is doing well.

After the US Supreme Court confirmed authenticity of a draft opinion, which indicated that legal abortion would soon be outlawed, advocates for abortion rights first met at LA’s Federal Courthouse.

“This is deeply personal to me, having made that decision in my life out of the necessity for my mental physical well being,”Sarah Ponder, a former abortionist, supports this option for others. “I know that every single person in the USA deserves to make that exact same choice.”

Susan Arnall from the Right To Life League stated that the potential ruling is exactly what her group has been looking for for decades. She is hopeful that the Supreme Court will leak the draft and send it back to the states for a more balanced approach.

“And that’s the balance we should be striking,”Arnall added. “Helping mother and helping babies at the same time, no reason why we have to hurt a mother to save a baby.”

After Politico obtained a draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicating that abortion rights under 1973 Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, protests erupted across the country.


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