LAPD: Man accused of making ghost guns after large cache was found at his house.

The image of a cache of ghost guns that police seized is taken by the LAPD and released on July 20, 2022.

Police announced Wednesday that a large quantity of so-called ghost weapons were found at the home of a man who was being held hostage.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s gun reduction task force became aware of a felon in possession of firearms and was able to identify 32-year-old Eric Petrossian as the suspect.

Police searched Petrossian’s home on Wednesday and found multiple firearms, firearm parts, firearm manufacturing tools, ammunition, money and narcotics.

Police said that the firearms seized were not registered and had been made privately.

According to investigators, Petrossian was manufacturing assault weapons in his own home.

Petrossian was charged with manufacturing assault weapons. His bail was set to $50,000.

There are no further details regarding the arrest or the suspect.

Anyone with additional information about the suspect is asked to call the LAPD’s west bureau at 213-473-0408.


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