LAPD: Authorities arrest man after cutting through the plexiglass to rescue Sun Valley hostage: LAPD

According to the Los Angeles Police Department a man faces attempted robbery charges and false imprisonment charges for attempting to rob Sun Valley gas station.

According to Officer Cervantes from the LAPD, the attempted robbery occurred at 3:49 PM near the intersection Roscoe Boulevard & Webb Avenue.

Additional to Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton, a gas station employee was taken hostage during the robbery.

After “hours of trying to get the suspect to come out and surrender,”Policing “determined there was a safety issue”Hamilton stated that Hamilton was able to help the hostage escape with the assistance of the store employee and Los Angeles Fire Department personnel.

The hostage was taken by police. “further negotiations with the suspect,”Hamilton claimed that Hamilton was detained by police around three and a quarter hours after the ordeal began.

“He surrendered peacefully, and he was taken into custody without incident,”Hamilton was the second.

Hamilton announced that the suspect will face two felonies in the incident. Hamilton did not release his age or name.


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