LAPD arrests suspect in street robbery, more wanted

Los Angeles Police Department has arrested one of four robbers suspected to have targeted victims in Los Angeles. They followed them to their house or business.

In connection with these crimes, one suspected robber was taken into police custody. However, the other three are still being sought out by police.

The Police Department shared video of one of the robberies, in which a victim was thrown against the car and the suspects stole their possessions. It took place in October 2021 at East Pico Boulevard.

The robbery is one of many similar robberies, in which the suspects would follow their victims towards an isolated location such as their home, business, or quiet side streets. The robberies resulted in thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen property, police said.

Police say Cheyenne Hale was taken into custody for his role in the robberies. Three more suspects remain unidentified.

According to LAPD, the men fled the scene in a Maserati Ghibli 4 door as they were robbed.

Gene Kang reports from the KTLA5 Weekend Morning News on April 9, 2022.


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