Lala Kent SLAMMED for Slamming Daughter Ocean

Fans condemned Lala Kent’s actions in spoiling Ocean. She celebrated the one-year-old birthday of her daughter. She wanted to gift her something unique. Ocean received her first ever Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette bag from Lala.

The Vanderpump RulesStar shared a photo on Instagram of her little girl and the extravagant gift with her followers. The purse costs $880. Lala explained that it’s a tradition in her family. However, fans think she shouldn’t spoil her daughter and is setting a bad example for her.

Pump RulesStar explained why she was gifted with the gift

On Monday, March 21, Lala Kent took to her Instagram Stories to share more gifts from her daughter’s one-year-old birthday. She shared her love of bags. She wanted to give Ocean her Louis Vuitton bag. Lala shared this photo of Ocean with the mini purse.

She had a big smile on her face even if she didn’t know what Louis Vuitton is. Ocean wore a large black bow on her hair and a white onesie. Lala posted another photo of Ocean with her. The mother-daughter pair posed together in matching Louis Vuitton bags.

[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]

“I know a lot of you are going to think I’m nuts, but hear me out,”Lala Kent spoke. “I really have a love for bags. My grandmother passed a lot of hers onto me, and I will one day pass them onto O. For my baby [girl’s] first birthday, I wanted to get her first bag. So, here she is with it, decked in [Give Them Lala Baby].”

After her extravagant celebration, she is now happy to announce that this will be her first birthday. She celebrated Ocean’s first birthday with an ocean-themed party at Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s home. Many of their friends, past and present, joined them. VPRStars include Stassi Schroeder (Schema Shay), Raquel Leviss (Raquel Leviss), and Kristen Doute.

Is Lala Kent outof touch?

Fans think Lala Kent has lost touch with the extravagant gift. They were able to attend the Vanderpump RulesSubredditWe can talk about it. They criticized her for spoiling her young daughter. Many loved the gift and thought it was sentimental and sweet, but others found it outrageous. Ocean won’t be using the gift until she’s much older.

  • “This kid isn’t even gonna remember it. This party was for adults.”
  • “If you name your daughter Ocean, please don’t use enough plastic to destroy one.”
  • “She spent more on a 1 year old, who’s still in the state of childhood amnesia, than we spent on our whole wedding lol.”
  • “I mean.. I can’t relate but… if I could I would.”
  • “Ok this is actually cute.”

Ocean And Lala Kent Matching Louis Vuitton Bags [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]

What do you think about Lala Kent gifting Ocean a Louis Vuitton handbag? Do you think it’s sweet? Or, do you think it’s a ridiculous idea? Leave a comment below.

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