LA Nonprofit ‘Regarding Her’ Now Taking Applications for $20K Grant – Los Angeles

What to know

  • Regarding Her is accepting applications now for their $20,000 grant.
  • The deadline for applications is August 5
  • The week of August 15th will see the announcement of winners.

RE:HER is a nonprofit. Accepting applications For their $20,000 grant to self-identified women who own food or beverage businesses in Los Angeles.

This organization is seeking innovative, committed applicants in Los Angeles who share a passion about food and want to give back to the community.

Concerning HERRE:HER (or ‘Real Estate for Women in Her Food and Beverage Business Owners’) is a nonprofit organization.

RE:HER’s LA chapter must have at least 50% women- or woman-owned members. It is required that the business has been in operation for at most one to three years, with projected revenues of $250,00 to $1million by 2022.

The virtual food festival was created during the pandemic which brought together women restaurant owners across Los Angeles.

“We thought that we could get maybe 25 women to do it and ended up getting 100 women to do it, “Dina Samson, Regarding Her founder “After that festival we realized that we can really help move the needle for women’s businesses.”

After the festival’s success, the organization wanted to address another issue that women were experiencing during the pandemic.

“We realized that women need money. They were going to have to close their businesses because they did not have any working capital,”Samson.

They set out their goal and reached out to DoorDash who offered to sponsor $10,000 grants for 15 women. DoorDash is also offering one-on-one coaching from industry experts.

“We put out an application and basically said, ‘hey, listen if you need money to help support your business at this time, we have this grant, please apply,'”She said.

Around 70 people applied for the first round.

They decided to expand their one-on-one sessions into an extended program called “Re:Her Academy.”

“We realized going through this on-on-one process that some women really needed more help than just $10,000 and three coaching sessions,”Samson. “So that is when we decided to come up with the academy.”

Her Academy is a ten-week, two-day program that offers industry-specific education.

“We realized that all of us… all us women, we just did this on our own. We became entrepreneurs and nobody taught us how to do it. We had to learn everything on our own and make mistakes, “Samson. “Then we thought how cool it would be if we could set up this academy and give some money for growth that can then help take these women to the next level.”

Jenica Braddock is the Co-Founder Dreamy CreationsOne of the recipients of the grant in the pandemic was Judith, who helped her business to stay open.

“When COVID hit, it drastically affected us. We were really struggling because events were getting canceled and so I started looking into grants, and I found RE:HER,”Braddock stated. “Once we applied, we ended up getting it and it was just really awesome because we were in desperate need, so it definitely gave us some hope.”

Braddock, who recently closed her retail shop to make way for her new venture. Mobile food trucksThe reward was more than money.

“What was more impactful, and everlasting was the hope that it provided in such a dark time,”She said.


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