LA Kings Hire History-Making Goaltender Manon Rheaume – Los Angeles

Manon Rheaume, a former goaltender for the Los Angeles Kings, was hired by the NHL as a prospect and hockey operations adviser. This is part of a leaguewide effort to increase diversity in front office leadership.

The team announced the move hours before the start of the draft. She is expected to remain in Michigan, participate in hockey operations projects and report directly to Nelson Emerson (director of player personnel).

“Manon is an excellent communicator who brings a unique perspective and will play an important role in our hockey operations department,”Emerson stated this in a statement. “She has the skillset to help bridge the gap for our young players throughout their development cycle and will be tasked with helping to introduce and maintain a level of understanding and accountability for our players as they work in conjunction with our development staff.”

Rheaume, 50, is best known for playing exhibition games for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992 and ’93. She was the first female to be a part of one of the four major North American professional leagues.

She is now one of nearly 100 women who work in hockey operations, player growth or player safety for a team.

“I’m excited to join the Kings and look forward to working with our young players as they go through their individual development process,”Rheaume spoke.

“There are so many elements that factor into a player’s journey once they join an organization, and my focus will be on helping to provide them with the tools and guidance they need to ease that transition as the strive to reach their ultimate goal of playing in the NHL.”


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