LA City Council Seeks LAPD Report on Reducing Officers in Civilian Jobs – Los Angeles

Los Angeles Police Department has sworn staffing that is below authorized levels. Therefore, the City Council ordered the department report on civilian functions performed and provide recommendations for reducing it.

The current department has 9375 sworn staff, even though it was authorized to have up to 9,700 officers. The lower-than-authorized levels come as hiring within the department has not kept up with retirements and resignations in recent years. The department has 2,662 civilian workers.

Mayor Eric Garcetti proposes a budget for next fiscal year that includes $149 million more to partially increase staffing to 9,735 officers.

Joe Buscaino, a Councilman, introduced Friday’s motion to request a report from department regarding how many sworn officers work in civilian positions rather than in the field.

“With recent reductions to the LAPD workforce, it is all the more important that the existing sworn workforce be maximized and assigned to public safety functions,” Buscaino said.

The mayor candidate has made public safety, expanding the LAPD and expanding it a central part his campaign. This includes calling for 11,000 more officers to be added to the LAPD force. Rep. Karen Bass is his opponent in the race. She has called for an increase in LAPD patrol personnel to reach authorized levels. This could be done by moving desk officers into the field or hiring more civilian personnel.

The motion did not include a timeline for the department’s submission to the City Council.


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