LA Children’s Hospital to Hire Full Time Baby Cuddler – Los Angeles

According to a press release by the Children’s Hospital of LA, they are searching for a full time baby cuddler.

This new position is part of Koala Corps’ baby cuddler-program. This program was created to help newborn babies by cuddling and holding them.

Koala Corp After their second child, Ciara Granger (Oxford Road CEO and founder) spent six months in the hospital, Ciara Granger founded it. Ciara was born with cognitive delays and was admitted to the hospital for six months.

During her fight, they realized that holding her was the best thing for her.

“Shae underwent back-to-back surgeries. One of her only sources of comfort was to be held,”Ciera Granger. “She was a fragile little newborn who needed constant affection and attention, but not all babies in the hospital have someone available to cuddle them. We felt compelled to start the Koala Corp fund after our experiences with our daughter. It was something we learned was vital for newborns, and we wanted to do our part to make it happen. It is a need in our community that most people don’t know exists. This will bring great blessings to the families of babies and their children.

“The fund recently hit a milestone, thanks to donations from patrons like iHeartMedia Los Angeles, which “Donated a large amount of advertising inventory” to the efforts”

The Koala Corps program’s full-time cuddler will supervise it for the next three year.

“For many families, the birth of a baby who needs intensive medical care is unexpected and obligations at home and work mean families are unable to visit the hospital every day to be with their newborn,” says Rosby Lamm, Manager of Volunteer Resources at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles . “We’re very thankful to Oxford Road and their support, which will allow us to expand CHLA’s long standing Cuddler Program to more families throughout the hospital.


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