L.A. County files suit over warehouse fire that caused odor in Carson

Los Angeles County filed a lawsuit Thursday against property owners and tenants in connection to a warehouse explosion that released toxic fumes into the Dominguez Channel last January. This discharge caused an unpleasant stench in Carson and displaced thousands of people.

The county, along with its fire protection and flood control districts, said the warehouse’s owners and tenants knew of fire code and hazardous materials violations before the Sept. 30 fire but did nothing to abate them. It seeks to recover millions in costs related to the investigations, cleanup, public relocation effort, injunctions, and civil penalties.

According to the complaint the fire and subsequent discharge of hazardous material into storm drains into the channel and into the channel were the causes. “should never have occurred.”According to the complaint, defendants knew that hazardous materials had been illegally stored at the warehouse for months before the fire. “posed a severe fire risk.”

Prologis Inc. is the owner of the Carson warehouse on South Avalon Boulevard. The warehouse was leased to Day to Day Imports Inc. at time of fire by Virgin Scent Inc. and Day to Day Imports Inc., according to the complaint.

You can read the entire story here LATimes.com.


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