L.A. City Hall to Be Lit Up in Honor of Vin Scully

Los Angeles continues to mourn Vin Scully’s passing. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that Los Angeles City Hall would light up Wednesday in his honor.

Garcetti’s office announced plans to light up City Hall following the news of Scully’s passing.

The Dodgers’ voice and face for over six decades, Scully, 94, has passed away peacefully on Tuesday, the team announced.

“It is impossible to think about the Dodgers without reflecting on Vin’s incomparable way with words and the boundless wisdom he shared with generations of fans around the world,” Garcetti spoke of the Hall-of-Fame announcer. “Our hearts are broken by his passing, but he will forever be remembered as an indispensable teller of L.A.’s story – and the author of some of our most indelible memories.”

Scully was awarded the first Key to the City by the mayor, which was one of the most significant honors in his life.

“He was a true gentleman, a dear friend, and always had a kind word to offer,” Garcetti said.

City Hall will be lit to honor Scully’s legacy and memorialize the man that introduced generations to the joy of professional sports — especially Dodger baseball.

Los Angeles City Hall can be found at 200 N Spring St. in downtown. Wednesday evening, the sun will rise around 8 p.m.


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