Kylen shares a status with ‘Unexpected” Lilly Bennett, and they share ‘Hopes for Co-Star

Season 5 UnexpectedTell-all, Kylen Smith was trying desperately to hear the girls. Lilly Bennett, her costar, stated that she could relate and understand what she was going through. Now, where does the relationship between them stand? Lilly shared this in an ‘ask me a question’ session.

Lilly’s UnexpectedHappiness

Lilly was expecting her second child when she returned in Season 4. Lawrence was her boyfriend, and she was much happier. While she was caring for her daughter Aaliyah, they were getting ready to give birth to their baby boy. Lawrence proposed to her right before she went into labour. It was a beautiful moment when Lawrence’s namesake, who is now a father to two children, came into this world. They went through another major life transition the next season. After living under her mother’s roof forever, Lilly and Lawrence were approved for an apartment. It was huge, but it was also a significant transition. Lilly was not used being independent. Lawrence would often come home from work upset that the house was so messy.

Lilly believed being a stay at-home mom was more difficult than any other job a man could do. She was always running around, cooking and chasing after her kids. They couldn’t get along, but they still wanted to marry. The season finale revealed that they had found a fantastic venue within their financial budget but they decided to put it off. At the tell-all, it was revealed that they were going to be taking over her parents’ home. It would be easier for everyone to move into a 55+ community. Lilly is now settled in and has taken the time to answer any questions, including those about Kylen.

Friends or No-Go

UnexpectedThe way Kylen was treated at her baby daddy’s hands, Jason Korpi, was shocking to viewers. Many of them wanted him to be fired. She was also worried about the series’ girls. However, when they expressed their concern at the tell-all Jason and Kylen walked out. They stated that they felt attacked, ganged up upon. Jason stated to the cast that he was most popular and Scott agreed with him. Jenna Ronan, Lilly and others felt Kylen was afraid of them as well as his family. Even her family seemed unsure of what to do or say.


Lilly did an ‘ask me a question’ Instagram story segment. Lilly was asked if Kylen had spoken to her since the tell-all. She said no. She stated that Kylen thinks she doesn’t like her and was trying to attack Kylen. Since the tell-all, she decided to leave it at that. Lilly wishes Kylen, Xavier all the best. Plus, she wishes Kylen could be free someday. While it will take time, many of her fans would love for her to be able to do this.

What did Lilly say that you thought? Are you positive she should reach out, or do you think it is a waste? Please comment.



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