Kyle Richards’ Husband Cheated on Her Why fans think so

Bravo fans can’t help but wonder if Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky ever cheated on her. They claim to be happy married. Mauricio is well-known for his laid-back personality and good looks. There are questions about Kyle’s marriage after she posed for a photo with her co-stars.

As Television Shows AcePreviously reported: RHOBHThe Season 12 cast is currently in Aspen, Colorado. In one of the photos, Mauricio was visible. Kyle shared a photo of Kyle and the cast in front an private jet on Instagram. This was the photo that got fans buzzing.

Did Mauricio Umansky cheat on Kyle Richards?

Kyle Richards shared this photo Monday, January 31, She captioned the photo photo: “Coming in hot #RHOBH.”It was certainly a talker. Some noticed that Mauricio, the only man in attendance, was also there. There were no other husbands present with their wives.

Fans went to the Real HousewivesSubreddit for speculation over the photo. Some people assumed he was there for unfaithfulness, while others thought he was there in order to promote his business.

[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]

Reddit thread Titled: “First UGT now this. Why is Mauricio the only husband there? Is Kyle *that friend* who brings her man everywhere?”A fan mentioned that Mauricio first appeared in the Bahamas while Kyle Richards was on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’Trip. They’re sick of his face already. Some fans wondered if Kyle didn’t want to leave him alone at home.

  • “While the cat’s away the mice will play and Kyle’s not taking that chance anymore.”
  • “She never used to bring him along so either she caught/confirmed him cheating or she’s pushing/promoting him and his upcoming show about The Agency.”
  • “She is afraid that if he doesn’t come, he would never emotionally fulfill her.”
  • “Maybe they went somewhere with legalized MJ.”
  • “So he can’t keep double tapping on ig models duh.”

RHOBHSeason 12 cast is roasted for their fashion

Meanwhile, other fans couldn’t stop focusing on their fashions. One noted that they’ve “never seen so many fashion victims in one photo.”It seemed like the ladies were dressed for different trips. Their outfits clashed.

  • “Dorit 🤢when I see the logo mania I wanna vomit.”
  • “Fashion is the worst part of this show.”
  • “Rinna what in gods name are you wearing.”
  • “Wtf is everyone other than Garcelle wearing.”
  • “Kyle dressed like a dollar store LVP.”

Casting is another concern. They also added two new “friends of”This year’s housewives. Some people feel that there is too many on this cast. They are asking Bravo to get rid of the dead meat and shake up the cast.

Kyle Richards With RHOBH Season 12 Cast Trip [Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]

What are your thoughts about the RHOBHWhat was the cast’s Season 12 trip like? Do you believe the rumors that Kyle Richards’ husband cheated on her? What do you think about the fashions shown on the show’s runway? Leave a comment below.

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