Kourtney Kardashian is completely unrecognizable in throwback picture as a teen with Kim Kardashian and her childhood friend

KOURTNEY Kardashian was unrecognizable in a throwback photograph posing with their childhood friend and sister Kim during their teenage years.

Kris Jenner, Kris Jenner’s mom shared the snap to her Instagram Stories. She shocked fans with yet another timeless photo of her daughter, 42.


Kris shared a throwback shot of Kris’s daughters standing alongside her childhood friend.
Kourtney has repeatedly shocked fans as she's appeared 'ageless' in photos


Kourtney has often shocked fans with her appearances in photos where she appears ‘ageless.Credit: Getty

Kourtney, Kim’s younger sister, and Allison Statter, her family friend, smiled at Kim.

The TV star was dressed in overalls and her natural brunette roots, which is quite a departure from her usual social media photos.

The photo showed her closed eyes, while her sister and her friend kept their eyes fixed on the lens.

Kim’s brown hair was slightly longer than Allison’s, so the rest of the girls let it down.

Kris captioned this pic, “A shoutout to their longtime friend” “Happy Birthday”Tagging Allison’s private Instagram Page with smiley faces and birthday cake Emojis

Kim also remembered her friend by posting a throwback picture of the two on her Facebook page.

Kourtney has however consistently surprised her fans with her performances. “ageless”appearance, as she shares photos from the past to show how far she has come.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star shared a series pictures from her college days. It showed how little she had changed since she was an Arizona Sun Devil.

Kourtney was smiling next to Sarah Howard, her friend at the time, in one of these throwback photos.

She wore a plain white tank and a black leather jacket in an early 2000s look.

Kourtney was also seen wearing tons of lip gloss as was the fashion at the time.

Kourtney also snapped Sarah in a throwback photo wearing large hoop earrings and a red top with a low cut.

The photo shows her hair slightly longer than it was in real life and had bangs.

Kourtney captioned her tribute: “We also went to college.”

Kourtney has remained the same since these photos were taken over two decades ago.


Kim shared similar experiences Photos of colleges of herself and Kourtney and, again, little has changed for the eldest Kardashian daughter.

She wrote, “College Years Baby!” University of Arizona was the only thing that stopped me turning into a wild party girl. Kourt was my designated driver on campus, and I can remember seeing her.

“I hated all of these wild parties so much, I stayed home and never again wanted to drink or party…so thank-you U of A.

“I was never a student there but you shaped my life more than you know.”

Even in much older photos, Kourtney looks much the same.

Kim posted this December update: Photo of herself and her sister from the ’90s.

Kim smiled in the photo, sporting a cut with her hair pulled out from her face.

Kourtney sat slightly behind her sister, smiling with her curtain bangs framing the cheeks. The rest of her hair was pulled back.

One fan commented on the photograph: “Forever young.”

Others have also been noted: “Looking like Chi and P!”Kim’s daughter Chicago, and Kourtney’s daughter Penelope are both referred to.

CIRCA 2005

Kourtney recently shared a photo from 2005 of her younger self, which she had taken while sunbathing in Cabo Santa Lucas.

The photo setKourtney, 25, lounges outside in her leopard print bikini while reading a magazine. She also enjoys a drink.

Another photo shows Kim and Khloe enjoying a night out, which does look quite different.

Mama Kris looks familiar thanks to her iconic crop top hairstyle.

Kourtney is the focus of all attention, as she looks almost like she took these photos yesterday.

One commenter said it: “You’re the only one out of the three that looks the same.”

Another fan noticed: “You look the same! Didn’t change at all!”

A third was also observed “She is just older, and that’s great. She still has her main features and I admire Kourt for that.”

She previously shared old photos from her college years as fans noticed that little has changed about the star's looks


Fans noticed that she shared photos from her college days, and they were not the only ones who have seen changes in her looks.Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Kourtney regularly shares photos from years ago showing her timeless appearance


Kourtney shares photos of her timeless appearance from years back regularlyCredit: Getty
One fan commented on a recent post: 'You look the same! Didn't change at all!'


On a recent post, a fan wrote: “You still look the exact same!” It didn’t change in any way!Credit: Getty
Kourtney Kardashian’s debut on reality TV with E!’s Filthy rich: Cattle Drive in 2005


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