Kody Brown Still Angry With Christine?

Kody Brown had a lot of mixed emotions when he discovered his third wife, Christine had moved him out of her home. She had apparently threatened to leave him numerous times yet he never actually thought she would end it. Especially in such a dramatic fashion where he did not have any say. In a preview for the final part of Sister Wives: One on One, the divorce is brought up again. Both parties get a chance to discuss their feelings and Kody’s may shock viewers.

Kody Brown Halts His Marriages

For someone who believes in polygamy, Kody certainly has a funny way of showing it. With his first wife, Meri, he has admitted it is nothing more than a friendship. During the tell-all, Meri confessed they have not been intimate in around a decade. However, she still holds out hope that they can be one together in fellowship. For Kody, that ship has sailed and it was long before the catfishing incident. That was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. As for his second wife, Janelle, he admits he is not in love with her. He claims the feeling is reciprocated.

They truly are just really good friends and his third wife Christine does not believe Janelle needs Kody to fill up her love tank. Speaking of Christine, Kody was admittedly not attracted to her from the start. The way she ate her nachos made him ill. Yet, they still wed in 1994 and had six children together. Unfortunately, they hit several rough patches and it led to Christine wanting to move back to Utah.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

She felt so alone and had trouble seeing him in functioning marriages. In reality, the only one he was functioning with was his fourth wife, Robyn. By the end of Season 16, Kody told Christine he did not want to be intimate with her anymore. He claimed many people had romance-free marriages but that was not what she wanted. She packed up all of his stuff and is now thriving in Utah. Yet, the divorce is something that had to be addressed on the tell-all.

Kody’s Feelings On The Divorce

When Kody found his belongings packed up, he said he was “ambivalent” and almost does not care. He also thinks it might be a game but feels a sense of uncertainty. As far as Robyn is concerned, she believes Kody and Christine are still married. She shared this during part two of the tell-all which made Christine’s eyes roll as she has not been a member of that church for a long time. In the final episode of the tell-all, Kody talks about his feelings on the matter.

Kody Brown Credit: TLC

He explains that he is still angry though he has the grief that comes with it. Admittedly, he chooses grief to combat the anger. However, he says there is a sense of relief that goes through the entire family. All that and more will be elaborated on when part three of Sister Wives: One on One airs Sunday on TLC.

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