Kody Brown Once Defended A Wife’s Desire To Slash Her Throat?

Once upon a time, Kody Brown defended and understood his friend’s desire to slash open his wife’s throat. This tale has been retold as Season 16 Sister Wives Kody Brown is still being portrayed as a toxic and abusive person.

Also, people who are more experienced at watching will be better off. Sister Wives may or may not be familiar with this friend who wants wanted to slash open his wife’s throat. This friend of Kody’s actually made an appearance on the TLC series once upon a time. It was a scandal that shocked and disgusted fans.

Kody Brown’s abusive and toxic nature isn’t new

Katie Joy Without a crystal ball Rehashed an old story about her Instagram last night. This story was mostly retold to remind. Sister Wives Fans, there is nothing new about Kody Brown’s abusive and toxic nature that we are witnessing on Season 16. In Katie’s post, she reminds us there was a time where Kody Brown actually defended the desire to slash a wife’s throat open.

At the time, he was defending his friend’s desire to cut open his wife’s throat. This was a horrifying act for him, a man with four wives at the same time. Sister Wives fans. Who was this man? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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Kyle Henderson: Who is Kody’s abusive friend?

Both Katie Joy and Without a crystal ball This subreddit is also available Reddit They do a great job of explaining the background to Kyle Henderson. The thread on Reddit There is a warning that viewers over 18 must see the information. A second filter confirms that viewers want to see the NSFW images attached to the thread.

Katie Joy reveals Kyle Henderson is a “bishop in their church, who was accused of beating his ex-wife.”

Kyle pinned his ex-wife Nicole down on the ground and beat her until her entire body was filled with bruises.”

Kody Brown was willing to serve as a character witness for Kyle. He defended Kyle’s actions and desires. He mocked Nicole. Ultimately, Kyle Henderson received a “slap on the wrist”He allegedly beat his wife so violently that she could have died,

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/YouTube

TLC brought Kody Brown’s abusive friend on the show

It was just a few seasons ago that Kody Brown’s abusive friend Kyle Henderson was featured on the series. TLC and Kody both painted Kyle as a decent man.

Added her opinion to her report, here’s what Katie Joy has to say about Kody Brown: “Kody Brown is an abusive narcissist. I have no doubt that he is physically violent in his homes.”

We reported that Robyn Brown has been questioned by fans about whether she is really an abused woman. Fans have noticed her fear of Kody this season.

'Sister Wives'/YouTube
‘Sister Wives’/YouTube

TLC was furious that his friend was allowed to appear on the show.

The thread is on RedditTLC’s decision to bring this abusive man onto the show was unacceptable, according to many fans. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

Does it surprise you to learn Kody Brown understands the desire to want to slash a wife’s throat? Do you think he’s physically abusive with his wives? Comment below to share your thoughts.

Kody Brown Once Defended A Wife's Desire To Slash Her Throat?
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