Kingdom Day Parade in South LA Canceled Due to COVID Surge – Los Angeles

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of the annual Kingdom Day Parade in South Los Angeles, which was held to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day for the second consecutive year.

The traditional festival that follows the event in Leimert park was scheduled for King Day, Jan. 17.

Adrian Dove, chairman of CORE-CA’s Kingdom Day Parade, said in a statement the move is in response to the “severity of serious spikes in (COVID) hospitalizations in Los Angeles.”

“The entire Board of Directors of the Kingdom Day Parade voted unanimously to take the drastic action of canceling this year’s parade on the street in order to avoid even the faintest possibility of sponsoring a super-spreader event,” Dove said.

Last year, the parade was also cancelled due to pandemic. However, it was replaced by an hour-long televised celebration featuring interviews with King’s oldest son, highlight parades, and interviews with local dignitaries on King’s influence on their lives.

It was not immediately clear if this alternative celebration would be held in the future.


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