Kimberly Wyatt of Dancing on Ice accused of ‘avoiding skate solo’ during a fresh fix storm

Kimberly Wyatt was a finalist for Dancing on Ice. “avoiding skating solo”The grand final of ITV competition.

On Sunday, March 26, the Pussycat dolls star and Mark Hanretty, her professional partner, took to the rink as they tried to win votes from general public.

Both routines were awarded full marks by the ice panel.

However, the sensational moves of Mark and Kimberly on the ice left viewers at home saying the exact same thing.

One fan wrote: “Sorry it’s a no from me Kimberly after avoiding solo skating for all the weeks, 6.0 from me.”

An additional: “Still no solo skating for Kimberly!”

Kimberly Wyatt, finalist in Dancing on Ice, has been accused “avoiding skating solo”In the final of the ITV competition

A third person is posted: “Kimberly for the dance routine and moves..10. For the actual time she spends on the ice and solo skating.. 3.”

A fourth user on social media stated: “Kimberly is a great performer no doubt. But she spends 10 seconds out of hold and barely any good solo skating.”

“Kimberly has picked the routine which has zero solo skating,”A fifth viewer added.

Kimberly’s performances received the same reaction from fans.

“Barely any solo skating Kimberly it just looked like 4 pros assisting her 7.0 from me,”A sixth person murmured.

Kimberly faces stiff competition in Dancing on Ice final.

Brendan Cole, Regan Gascoigne, and Brendan Cole are also up for the title of champion.

The trio teased that they planned to go all out to impress fans — even if that means risking serious injury on live TV.

Kimberly & Mark are in the running for Dancing on Ice 2022

Viewers noticed that all three of the finalists were trained dancers while watching the grand finale.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations and are now openly sharing their feelings.

One person penned: “Gosh, who will win this? The professional dancer, the professional dancer, or the professional dancer?”

An additional: “So the final three of Dancing On Ice are all professional dancers anyway da f***s the point in that?”

“Three professional dancers in the final of a celebrity dance show. And it’s not an advantage they say. Dream on,”The third person spoke.

The fourth person then tweeted: “The final of ‘professional dancers’ on ice. Shame about the amateurs. They didn’t stand a chance.”

Regan has previous dance experience from studying at the Hammond Ballet School, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, and The Actors Class London.

Kimberly is perhaps best known for her time in The Pussycat Dolls. American actress, singer, choreographer, and dancer.

Brendan works as a Latin American dancer in his day job.

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