Kim Kardashian’s Unretouched Oscar Photos Get Strong Reactions From Fans

Kim Kardashian’s post on Instagram of unretouched photos after the Oscars Afterparty sparked outrage among fans. Her skin is covered with makeup, and there are visible bumps as well as open pores. It should be noted, the photos were taken under bright lighting by high-definition cameras — which, let’s face it, are nobody’s friend.

Per The U.S. SunMany fans were unhappy that Kim had posted photos later in the night that she didn’t own. “smoothing” treatment. In online competition, people fought it out. A subreddit titled, “Kim Kardashian should go easy on the Photoshop.”Many were outraged at the unrealistic beauty standards of making skin flawless. The truth is that the MirrorOther fans, however, had a different reaction. The fans thought Kim’s candid, natural selfies looked better than those taken on the red carpet with heavy makeup. You never know, some selfies may have been taken with a camera!

It’s been noted repeatedly that Kim is believed to be a serial photoshop offender – but hey, who actually lives their real, authentic life on social media? It would be very depressing. For a moment, let’s forget Kim’s skin. The actress is known for her sexy and edgy appearance. New York PostReports indicate that her habit of snapping photos of her body in order for it to look good is what led her to photoshop her body. “perfection”This has been very damaging. Toronto’s York UniversityIt was found that altering body photos can create a more attractive appearance “slim-thick”The study found that appearances were associated with body dysmorphia among young girls and women. Kim Jenner and Kylie Jenner are both subject to the study.


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