Kim Kardashian’s fans accuse Kim, allegedly photoshopping Grandma MJ’s wrinkles. Kim, 88 years old, looks’so young on birthdays’

Even an 88 year-old grandmother cannot avoid Kardashian photoshopping accusations.

All of the reality show family members took to social networking Tuesday to wish Mary Jo Campbell a happy 88th Birthday.


Kim Kardashian and her grandma, 88 years old, were reportedly photographed by fansCredit: kimkardashian/Instagram
The reality family are no strangers to a little digital nip/tuck on their photos


Reality family members are not strangers to digital nipping/tucking on their photosCredit: Hulu

Kim shared a series photos on Instagram of Kim with her grandmother, at various points in their lives.

She Captioned the set: “Happy 88th Birthday to the Queen MJ! I love you so much grandma and so so so lucky to have you to up to look up to.”

Fans noticed that the first, or most recent, photo seemed to be a bit cleaner and more polished than the rest.

“Random thought but, do you think grandma Kardashian has had any work done? She looks pretty natural compared to the family,”One person is posted in Chat onlineThis will set off a multitude of responses.

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“Yeah I think she’s natural but Kim definitely photoshopped her,”One person replied, and another responded sarcastically “There’s a 99.999999% chance this photo is photoshopped.”

Another person shared a humorous emoji along with a hypothetical question. “Why does grandma look younger now than in the picture from 20 years ago?”

One person can cut through all innuendo and simply states flatly: “she blurred out MJ’s wrinkles.”


Momager Kris, 66, celebrated the Kardashian grandma’s special day with a series of photos from across the decades, which she posted to Instagram.

One snap taken on a film camera showed the whole line-up of Kardashian sisters and brother Rob, now 35, as they posed with Kris and Mary Jo, who is commonly known as MJ.

Khloe, now 38-years-old, looked totally different with brunette hair, and her prenose job face.

The now 41-year-old billionaire Kim was also rocking a brunette do at the time and showed off her skinny frame.

Kourtney, now 43, has perhaps maintained the most consistent appearance over the years, although she was pictured wearing a red dress before she embraced her husband Travis Barker’s punk style.

Kris was wearing her hair in her trademark pixie cut back then. She was also dressed in all-black which is still her go-to color.

The Jenner sisters – Kendall, now 26, and Kylie, now 24 – were not included in the photo.

They would have been young children at that time.


Even though she does not appear in many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MJ is a member of the family that Kris, her children, and their children adore.

Audiences love her for her bluntness and dry humor, as well as her kind spirit.

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MJ was a former model, teacher of etiquette, and entrepreneur. She opened up a children’s boutique called Shannon & Company in 1980.

She was twice diagnosed with breast and colon cancer. However, she has overcome both of these diseases.

Kris Jenner posted a throwback photo to celebrate Mary Jo Campbell's 88th birthday


Kris Jenner posted a throwback photograph to celebrate Mary Jo Campbell’s birthday.
The momager also took time to wish her mother a personal happy birthday


Momager also took the time to wish her mom a happy birthdayCredit: Instagram
KIm, Kris and MJ all shadow each other in this 2020 snap


This 2020 snap features MJ, Kris and KIm shadowing each otherCredit: Instagram


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