Kim Kardashian wears a topless dress and holds a mold of herself in new photos, as Pete Davidson’s romance heats up

KIM Kardashian has a revealing way of introducing her new fragrance collection – going topless while holding a mold her own chest.

The reality star’s new KKW Fragrance Opals Collection drops on November 18, with three different fragrances: Opal Mood, Opal Energy, and Opal Drip.

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim promoted her new fragrances topless and covered by a mold from her chest.

The new scents come in three different fragrances: Opal Mood, Opal Energy, and Opal Drip


There are three new scents available: Opal Mood (Opal Energy), Opal Drip (Opal Drip).

A company release promises: “Prepare to discover three floral, fruity, and radiant new scents inspired by their precious gemstone namesake.”

Kim, 41, was there to celebrate the release of new fragrances. Some Instagram pictures of me toplessCovering her chest with a black mold, her hands are strategically placed to keep the snaps clear.

The entrepreneur captioned the photos: “I’m so excited to share our latest @kkwfragrance collection which celebrates a stone I feel deeply connected to.

“Not only are opals one of the most unique and diverse gemstones, but they are known to intensify love, passion, loyalty, and confidence, and I really wanted to evoke those emotions through all three scents.”


Kim is rumored having an intense new love with Pete Davidson from SNL.

An insider claimed last week that she is “falling”Telling the joke is for the comedian Us Weekly: “He makes her feel good and she’s excited to see what happens.”

Friends of the couple support their blossoming romance. “always”Left “smiling and excited”After watching the Suicide Squad Star.

Kim and Pete were spotted holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm in California over the Halloween weekend and went on several dates in a row in NYC the following week.

Following her appearance on SNL last week, the pair began to spend time together.

Kim was taken by him to Campania on Staten Island. There, they had a private meal on the roof.

The following night, they met up at the exclusive NYC venue, Zero Bond, where Kim wore a body-hugging velvet dress, accentuating her curves.


This isn’t the first time Kim has accessorized herself with opals.

In March, the mother-of-four posted an Instagram photo showing off her grillz, which were adorned with a jewel.

She captioned the shot and described the precious piece. “new opal birthstone grill alert.”

The dental jewelry is worn over the tooth and has become a fashion statement for many.

Gabby Elan Jewelry presented the grillz, which featured opals designed to fit over each tooth. What appears to be a set of diamond studs also lining the perimeter of each one, and acting as a connector between them all.

The video was shared by the jewelry company and shows how fans can see different colors in the gemstones from different angles.

“New Opal set for @kimkardashian,”The clip was captioned by them.

Her latest opal opportunity is the trio of fragrances that cost $45 each. They come in egg-shaped, transparent bottles that look like the October birthstone.

Kim’s new perfumes cost  each


Kim’s new perfumes cost $45 each

Kim previously showed off her opal grillz


Kim showed her opal grillz previously

Kim can gift some scents to her new rumored love Pete Davidson


Kim can send some scents to Pete Davidson, her rumored new love.

After dates with KUWTK star, Pete Davidson broke his silence about Kim Kardashian’s romance in a Seth Meyers interview

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