Kim Kardashian Threatens Psalm 3

The Kardashians Fans are furious after Kim put Psalm, her three-year old son, in serious danger. What was it that Kim did or didn’t do that caused so much outrage among her fans and followers? Continue reading to learn more.

Kim Kardashian puts Psalm at real risk

The Kardashians Fans have been calling Kim HARD about her parenting skills. First, many fans are questioning Kim’s parenting style since her children often behave badly in public. For example, a few of Kim’s children tagged along during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Kim had to stop talking with Jimmy for a while to settle her children. Some people were genuinely puzzled by Kim’s decision to bring her children along to the interview.

However, this incident with Psalm had nothing to do misbehaving children. Fans were horrified because Kim Kardashian didn’t appear to be taking proper safety measures with her three-year-old. Unfortunately, they were afraid that something awful might happen.

[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

Kim Kardashian posted several photos of herself along with her sons Saint and Psalm visiting the Big Apple for her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. Saint and Psalm were also able to live stream on. InstagramDuring their trip. Fans saw her three-year old son Psalm, playing with his tablet in a vehicle. The Kardashians fans noticed a few issues regarding both Psalm and Saint’s safety.

What safety concerns did fans notice?

Kim Kardashian’s family and fans quickly noticed that Psalm wasn’t properly wearing his seatbelt. Fans quickly noticed that Psalm’s seat belt was not in his proper place. The Kardashians Fans also raised concerns about the shocking fact that Psalm wasn’t in any kind of car seat. Being just three years old, Psalm definitely wasn’t old enough to legally be without a car seat.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “The scary part about a Kim clearly doesn’t have a brain to think about all the damage she’s doing to those kids or she just doesn’t care at all as long as she gets to stay relevant.”

Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Instagram/Reddit

“Shouldn’t her kids be buckled in and in car seats? The car is moving right?”Another fan brought attention to the moving car in video.

An unhappy third fan was also added “Yeah, first time I saw it I thought maybe the car isn’t moving hopefully, but it looks like it is. [Psalm] should be a car seat and Saint should be in a booster seat. They’re not even buckled into the regular seats. Smdh If she doesn’t want to wear a seat belt and get herself killed that’s fine, but her kids deserve better.”

Do you understand why Kim Kardashian’s fans are so upset with her? Are her children at danger? Please comment below.

Kim Kardashian Threatens Psalm 3
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