Kim Kardashian shares her favorite meal after weight loss transformation

Kim Kardashian is all about the acai bowl. According to the Instagram Story of July 18, per the Daily MailKim shared the secrets to keeping her slim figure. “Acai Bowl w a hot tea always makes me happy no matter what time of day,”Skims founder titled a photo of her fruity dinner. Acai bowls are originally from Brazil and consist of acai purees that contain a variety sliced fruits.

Kim announced her first shift to a largely plant-based diet in 2019, per Us Food. During a February 2020 Twitter Fan Q&A, via Life & StyleShe also shared her favorite dishes at that time, which included “oatmeal and vegan sausage for breakfast, vegan tacos are my fave for lunch.” “Salads are good, too!”She added. 

However, the star told AllureRecently, she briefly reintroduced meat-eating to help her lose weight and fit into her Met Gala 2022 dress. Kim developed psoriatic arthritis after she reverted back to meat. This skin condition has plagued her for many years. Kim revealed that she had received a steroid treatment to treat her psoriasis. “cut out the meat again… it’s calmed down.”


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