Kim Kardashian is criticized for flaunting her wealth after she showed off her huge $200K emerald chain to Psalm, her 3-year-old son, in photos

Kim Kardashian was criticized for sharing a picture of her son wearing expensive jewelry after she shared it.

The party, which was held at the Hulk-themed home of the 41-year old mother, marked her youngest child’s 3rd birthday.


Kim Kardashian gave her third child, a $200K emerald necklace as a gift.Credit: Rex
She shared snaps of the tot wearing the pricey jewelry on Instagram


She posted photos of the little girl wearing the high-end jewelry on InstagramCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Kim shared an Instagram Story of the baby wearing an enormous emerald-colored chain in a tribute on Monday to her son.

The pic was focused on Psalms new neck attire which included a huge studded letter “P,”Initializing the unique first name of your child.

Kim, who has a son with Kanye West and added the caption in a second photo “PERIODDDDDDDD!!!!!”Again, emphasize the importance of “P”The word.

Ajay Anand is the CEO of Rare Carat Diamond MarketplaceThe piece, which is worth $200K, was not a concern for the founder of SKIMS.

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The Sun was told exclusively by the jewelry designer that the beauty had appeared to be made of gold. “contain over 40 carats of emeralds”You can choose from rectangular or square cuts.

“Often, jewelry designers will resort to using smaller emerald sizes in the chain to keep prices down; it is clear that no expense was spared here on quite a chunky design,”Ajay.

The accessory is unique, according to the diamond expert. He added: “This necklace seems to combine different colors of emerald.”

“Usually, high-end jewelry would stay consistent to one shade and one country of origin. Perhaps that is a sign that their jeweler is cutting a few corners.”

The majority of people read Entertainment.

Instagram account of the Kardashian fan. Kardashian SocialThey also suggested their own take on the costly gift, noting that Kim had previously spoiled her son by buying expensive neckwear.

They also shared a photo of Psalm in his sparkling present and posted a throwback video showing Kim raving about the enormous gold chain that the youngster wore previously.

Kim corrected Ellen DeGeneres’ interview host, who said that her son had large jewelry. “fake.”

“He wears this fake, giant chain -“Before Kim cut Ellen off, Ellen started to describe the outfit of the tot. “Wait, did you say fake?”

Kim giggled at Kim’s reaction, and Finding Dory star Kim paused in disbelief.

Kim insisting that the chain was genuine, the couple continued to disagree about the authenticity. “not” fake.

The 64-year old laughed: “Oh my god, it’s huge! How can he keep his head up? It looks like a wrestler’s belt or something… I just assumed because it was so huge, it’s hilarious.”

One follower commented on the interaction by laughing: “Kim was so offended”With a laughing smile emoji

The lavish gift was also praised by another person, who wrote: “wow what a lucky kid but it looks good.”


Kim put in a lot of effort to throw her son’s special superhero-themed party.

One wall of the foyer was filled by moving Hulk hands. It also featured a sign that read: “Psalm Smash.”

Kim filmed her tot on his brand new mini four wheeler as he rolled through her house in a bright purple-green color combination.

The table had glue, glitter, and other supplies for the children to create souvenirs.

The Hulk smashed the glass with his hands to create an extra effect in a specialized mirror.

The reality star’s sister Khloe, 37, was in attendance as she took to her Instagram Stories to document the outlandish affair.

The TV personality filmed an over-the-top outdoor decor featuring a larger-than-life Hulk statue, tons of balloons, a life-size green city skyline, and a pińata sign with Psalm’s name.

A table was laid out next to the décor where the kids in attendance could create green slime.

Khloe captured True mixing green coloring into the slime, and stirring the mixture together.


Kim, four-year-old daughter of Good American founder, was then captured by the founder as she ran through the house in a pair of huge Hulk gloves.

The TV star let out an audible grunt as the little girl gently punched her aunt’s stomach.

Khloe then panted around a spectacular green balloon structure, creating an open space for guests to enter the party area.

Later, Hulk hands made of chocolate were placed on a table so that children could smash them with hammers to reveal a mass of candy inside.

“What’s in there?” the Good American founder asked her daughter True, four, as she pounded the Hulk’s hand to create a hole in the top.

The mother of one then filmed True, Chicago, Kim’s oldest daughter North, and Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope as they danced under the green balloon arches.

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The family went outside and each person took their turn at hitting the green pinata that shaped like three.

Kylie, Kendall, and Kourtney were nowhere to be seen in social media videos from the big day, though the whole family posted tributes to the tike on Monday to mark the occasion officially.

Kim pulled out all the stops for Psalm's big day as she threw him a Hulk-themed bash


Kim put in all the effort to celebrate Psalm’s big day by throwing him a Hulk-themed bashCredit: Instagram
The party decor was green and the kids got to make slime


The party decor was green, and the kids had to make slime.Credit: Instagram
The entire family was not present at the event, though they did leave tributes for the birthday boy on social media on Monday


Even though the whole family was absent, they left tributes to the birthday boy via social media MondayCredit: Instagram

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