Kim Kardashian Announces Kimye’s Return in Sheer Thong

Kim Kardashian is proud “The Incredibles”A sheer thong. The Keeping up with the Kardashians alum could’ve hinted at a Kimye comeback. Many fans believe the photo is Kanye West’s message to her ex-husband. The possibility that they are now back together has been rumored in the last few days.

Instagram posted several photos of the 41-year-old showing off her body on Monday, Aug 1. The see-through outfit was worn by the platinum blonde reality star. The white T-shirt, which read “I am a celebrity” was worn by the actress. “The Incredibles”With a white thong. The reality star was soaked from head-to-toe.

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Kim Kardashian posts photos of soaking wet

Kim Kardashian was seen walking in the deep water. Kim Kardashian wore a shirt, and her underwear was drenched. The next photo shows her standing sideways in the water. As she showed off her thighs, she seducely placed her arms on the side of her head.

Kim Kardashian parted her lips for the third photo, as she shows off her goods. Kim Kardashian lowered her back to make her stomach appear flat and tight. Kim is also seen wearing a tank over her white soaked T-shirt in the photos. Kim tries to get out of the water in the last photo as she stares into the camera.

The photos were shared by the founder of SKIMS without any context. She didn’t reveal whether the photos were part of an upcoming photoshoot. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that she hasn’t been with Pete Davidson in some time. Many wondered if she was back with Kanye in the Instagram post.

  • “Is this hinting at a Kimye comeback?”
  • “The Incredibles?! I remember when Kanye… nevermind! You look great.”
  • “How is Pete?”

Many fans believe the shirt is a reference. An old interviewKim and Kanye did it when they revealed their fourth child. Her ex-husband admitted that he didn’t feel comfortable with doing confessionals. He then watched the Disney movie.The IncrediblesHe wanted their family more like them.

“Like, part of the reason why I even thought about, or considered doing this interview is because of the movie ‘The Incredibles,’” Kanye said. “It starts off with the interviews, the superheroes are giving interviews. The wife got a big butt, and I just see our lives becoming more and more like ‘The Incredibles,’ until we can finally fly.”

“He would,”Kim Kardashian laughed at the joke.

Clues Kimye back together?

There may be clues that Kim Kardashian is back with Kanye. The mother of four shared a photo that James Turrell, Kanye’s favorite artist, had taken of her artwork. She has also been spotted with her children more often. Kim also dropped another clue when she revealed that she’s still involved with the Yeezy brand.

Kim Kardashian and Pete have remained separated. Many fans feel that the two would split up. Saturday Night LiveThe alum began filming in Australia for his new movie. Others believe the couple were not a real pair.

What are your thoughts on Kim’s latest Instagram post? Do you think she’s sending Kanye a sign? Or, do you think it means they’re back together? Comment below.

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