Kid shouts “My Mommy’s Dead!” at a mail carrier From a Car, Kid yells “My Mommy’s Dead?”

Andrew Russell, a mail carrier left home to work and was walking his regular route when he heard something from a parked vehicle. He dropped his mail immediately and ran to find out what was going on.

Many of us wake up each morning with plans in our heads about what we want to accomplish or do. Life has its own plans just like we have ours.

Life can throw a wrench in your carefully-planned plans. An unexpected circumstance might force you to become a version that you didn’t know existed. Andrew Russell would never forget a day that began as an ordinary one for him as a Colorado mail carrier. Here’s how it happened.

Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel| Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel


Andrew Russell, a Colorado mail carrier who worked for the United States Postal Services had left home on July 16, 2022 to continue his work as he does every day.

As he was walking his regular mail route in Wheatridge, he noticed that a car had been pulled off the side of the road. Russell also Be awareA strange sound was heard coming from the vehicle. It sounded like the engine was revving, but he didn’t seem to mind.

But he was concerned when he heard a child’s next sound coming from the car. He sounded pretty panicked.

Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel| Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

Russell saw a child screaming from the car, and immediately ran to check what was going on. Russell saw the child screaming in the back seat, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying so he moved closer to the car. “The closer I got, I heard, ‘My mommy’s dead?'” Russell Not noted.

Russell immediately dropped his mail when he heard the news and quickly got the little girl from the car. He then checked on the mother. Russell quickly called 911 for assistance after discovering that she was lying down.

The Denver Channel| Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel


Police arrived on the scene to find Ashlee Figgers, the mother who had been lying down, awakened.

Figgers confessed to cops that she’d taken a pill, and as she drove, she got tired. She then pulled over on the side of the road and eventually fell asleep.

But her six-year-old daughter couldn’t figure out what happened. She believed her mother had died when she saw her face slumped over. Russell was spotted by her daughter and Russell was able to help her.

The 6-year-old girl was rescued by a police officer. Source: Youtube/Denver7- The Denver Channel| Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel


Russell began his day working to deliver mail. But he ended up saving a six year-old who was terrified. Everyone who heard about the incident praised Russell’s quick response to jump in and help. Russell was praised by Kylee Fischer, a police officer. He :

“I’m very grateful that he was there to help the child in the situation so that she had someone there that she can trust.”

Russell was humble despite being praised by many for his actions. Russell is also a mail carrier and has a daughter. Hearing a child cry for help struck a chord.

Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel| Source: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

Even though the child said thank you a few times, his main concern was for her safety. He felt relieved that she was fine. “Just right place at the right time. Just doing my job,” Russell Remarks.

Ashlee Figgers was taken into custody for driving while under the influence of drugs and possessing a controlled drug. The little girl was able to be taken to live with relatives in the area.

A mail man delivering letters | Source: Getty Images

Russell’s actions made sure the child was safe. Without him, it would have been impossible to predict what would happen. Russell’s actions saved the life of the little girl that day; he could have ignored her pleas for help but he didn’t.

He pulled her out of her car, checked she was OK, and then called for help. He was right at the right time, and ended up being a hero to her and everyone else.

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