Kentucky Miner and Father Try to Return Home in Flooding, Die While Helping Others


Gabriel Hensley, a Kentucky man, lost his life trying to save his family during the historic flood. His family mourns his loss and is reflecting on the life he lived.

Thursday, July 28, 2022 started as any other day here in Eastern Kentucky. They didn’t know that the events that unfolded as the day went on would have a profound impact on the lives of many Americans and leave a lasting mark in history.

Macy Hensley said it was the last time she saw her husband. Gabriel Hensley was a coal miner and went to work that day. He never returned home.


As he was working his shift, floods began in Perry County. The new dad had to abandon his job to rush home and rescue his wife and 10-week old son. Macy Reprinted:

“My husband was a family man and was doing anything to make it home to me and his children.”

He saw many victims of the disaster while on his way. Gabriel was unable turn his blind eye and decided to assist his brother and wife. They did everything they could to help, including turning people around and clearing away trees to provide safe passage for the stranded victims.

They came across a man being swept away in the floods after his four-wheeler was destroyed. Gabriel’s truck also got swept away as he tried to save the victim. Macy’s brother assisted the 30-year-old in getting through the water. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile and almost cost him his life.

Macy’s brother, Macy, managed to grab onto a tree to save him from the swift current that swept Gabriel and his truck into deep water. The survivor was eventually rescued by a neighbor, who then led the pair to wade through the waters in search for Gabriel.

They saw no sign of him so the family continued to hold onto any hope that he might make it alive. But their hopes were crushed. utterly dashedWhen his body and his truck wrecked were discovered Sunday afternoon.


Gabriel Hensley’s passing was devastating for his family, especially considering that he sacrificed his life to help them. Kent Daniels, Gabriel’s cousin, described him as a great coal miner. He Reflected:

“Eastern KY lost a hero. If he died helping someone out, that’s the definition of a hero.”

Lexington anesthesiologist, Dr. John Hensley, also remembered his cousin as a hardworking individual who would do anything for the well-being of others. He hopes that the world will remember him as that, like the rest of Hensley’s family.

To help the recovery efforts after the disaster, the family asked people to donate water, rakes and cleaning supplies to the Eastern Kentucky community.


The young coal miner, who was just 19 years old, dedicated his life to his family. He worked tirelessly to provide for his five amazing children, including a baby boy, and his beautiful wife. He was proud to share photos of his extended family enjoying special milestones via social media.

These photos would be engraved on his social media pages to remind the family of the time they shared with a man they loved and who would always watch over them, long after he left this world.


Gabriel is one seven victims of the tragic Eastern Kentucky massacre that claimed their lives. flash floodingThe state was ravaged by the tragedy on Thursday. The death toll in the state has now risen to 37, with many more still missing.

This includes victims from different age groups and counties. Record numbers of missing and dead people have been reported in areas like Clay County (Knott County), Breathitt County (Letcher County), Perry County, Perry County, Perry County, Perry County, as well as Letcher County.

Worldwide, people have offered condolences and prayers to flood victims as they grieve the loss of loved ones.

Numerous rescue teams have been deployed at risk areas to help mitigate the flooding’s aftermath and handle any future disasters.

Here’s hoping Gabriel Hensley and his family (his wife, children, other relatives, etc.) can find a way to move on from the tragic events of the historic flood.


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