Kentucky Grandma, 98, Is Trapped in a Flooded House – Heroic Stranger Breaks in to Save Her

A flood forced an elderly woman in Kentucky to stay in her home. Thankfully, viral photos helped her escape.

After her Kentucky apartment became waterlogged, Mae Amburgey, 98, barely managed to escape with her life. The water level reached 4ft, trapping the woman.

Mae tried to call for help several times, but to no avail as most phone lines were down because of the flooding. Her granddaughter Missy Crovetti eventually learned of the situation, and she jumped into action. Desperate, she reached out to the netizens for help.


Crovetti Share A photo of her grandmother, taken inside her Whitesburg home. She was seated in the cold water that had seeped through her home.

Crovetti explained that even though the water was already deep to the waist, Crovetti found that Mae managed to retain a portion of her body by sitting on a raised object and her leg submerged in the water. Mae Recalled:

“When I woke up to read the news, I found out there was flooding, I immediately reached out and nobody was answering their phone call.”

Mae Amburgey being saved from the flood. Source: FOX Weather | Source: FOX Weather

Crovetti, in her desperate state of mind, could only hope that the word would be spread by netizens until it reached the right people. She also included a photo. Submitted:

“My grandmother, Uncle and Brother are trapped in her house across from the high school. If anyone has a boat around that area, the water is about 4 feet deep in the house.”

Soon, the shot went viral and attracted the attention of Eastern Kentucky residents, law enforcement officers, and rescue teams.

Missy Crovetti, Mae Amburgey's granddaughter. | Source: Weather

Missy Crovetti is Mae Amburgey’s granddaughter. Source: Weather | Source: Weather


Soon, a safety team arrived in the area to rescue the woman trapped. A Video from the heroic rescue operation shows the group wading through the flood, which was already neck-deep, close to the roofline of Amburgey’s home.

Crovetti stated that a man must break into a home through a window or door, hang the woman in a buoyant cushion and then make his way out. The video showed four men holding the woman as they pulled her against the current through deep water.

The journey to safety wasn’t exactly smooth, as aside from struggling to keep the woman from sinking, they got caught up in some debris, where they remained until the professional rescue team got to them.

Some of the damage caused by the flood. | Source: Weather

The flood caused some of the damage.Source: Weather | Source: Weather

Thankfully, everyone survived the tragedy. Amburgey was taken to the hospital immediately for emergency medical care. Crovetti was asked about her grandmother’s health. Share:

“She’s doing really remarkably well. It’s her second day in the hospital and she is banged up pretty hard, but she is determined to go home.”

Amburgey’s granddaughter also extended words of gratitude to everyone that collaborated in the rescue efforts to lead her grandma to safety.


Crovetti’s account shows that her grandmother was not the only one trapped in the home, as her uncle Larry Amburgey and Brother Gregory were also trapped in the building.

They were either too overwhelmed or down to reach the emergency numbers due to flood damage. One kind stranger came to help the family as the water rose.

The video shows that he entered the house through a window and helped grandma and two other women escape. Amburgey was not in danger but she was still in danger. She suffered a leg laceration and was diagnosed as having pneumonia.

Some of the damage caused by the flood. | Source: Weather

The flood caused some of the damage.Source: | Source: Weather

Larry, in his seventies also had severe water inhalation. The trio are responding to treatment, despite Amburgey’s age-related fears for her safety. Crovetti divulged:

“We’re hopeful, but also terrified because of her age.”

98-year-old Mae Amburgey sitting on the floor. | Source: Weather

Mae Amburgey (98) sitting on the floor.Source: Wetter | Source: Weather

Crovetti has also set up a GoFundMe campaignShe wanted to raise money for her grandmother’s treatment as well as help her family rebound from the devastating flood. This page has now raised over $13,346 toward its $25,000 goal.

The Amburgeys will always be grateful to the stranger who braved all odds to save their family. The name of the rescuer is unknown, but Randy Polly (an eyewitness) captured the footage and called the man a hero.

Mae Amburgey being carried out of the water. | Source: Weather

Mae Amburgey is being taken out of the water. Source: Weather | Source: Weather


Online conversation has erupted about the story of the heroic rescue. Netizens praise the quick response of all those who contributed to the rescue.

Many people sympathized and wished the family a quick recovery. Commenters wrote:

“O my goodness. I’m so sorry they are dealing with this.”

― (@Nancy Wojciehowski Pecora) July 25, 2022

“So sad. My heart is breaking. All I can do is pray for everyone.”

― (@Joyce Fitch) July 25, 2022

A comment from the post made by Missy Crovetti. | Source: Amburgey Crovetti

Missy Crovetti comments on the post.Source: | Source: Amburgey Crovetti

“Our aunt Mae. I visited her in the hospital yesterday. She is still in good spirits. I got to hear her tell me the details of her rescue. She is the strongest woman I know.”

― (@Ella M Fields Caudill) August 1, 2022

“Jesus! I’m sorry, Missy. If there is any way I can help clean up her home, please reach out. I will help in any way I can.”

― (@Shawn N HeatherLind) July 25, 2022

Crovetti also posted an update in the comments section. It revealed that her brother was still missing. Another update was shared by Crovetti. She confirmed that her brother was seen at her grandmother’s house, but did not provide any information about his health.


Not every family that was trapped by the flood was as lucky as the Amburgeys. Record Please showAs of Sunday, July 31, 20,22, at least 26 people had died in the Kentucky floods.

This could increase as the Weather Prediction Center rates the community at a level 3-4 for moderate to severe risks of excessive rainfall.

The National Weather Service placed a flood watch in place Monday morning for areas of Southern and Eastern Kentucky.

After heavy rains that had flooded the area, the disaster struck the region on Wednesday, July 24. Residents were forced to search higher ground while others fled their homes after being swept away by the floodwaters.

The Amburgeys are one family in Eastern Kentucky that survived after being trapped in the middle and sustaining severe injuries.

We hope that more safety measures are put in place in order to prevent the recurrence and ultimately ensure the safety of the residents.


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