Kendall Jenner’s Latest Social Media Controversy Explained

In addition to photos of a dog, cars, a horse, and what appears to be a blood transfusion, Kendall Jenner’s Instagram carousel of her favorite things included a shot of the model sipping 818 tequila straight from the bottle with a straw. Some people saw the February 2 pic as a harmlessly goofy bit of self-promotion. Others saw it as a dangerous endorsement of binge drinking. 

On a Reddit thread (via BuzzFeed), one commenter wrote, “It may be an unpopular opinion but I think this type of promo is actually quite irresponsible.” Others agreed, “I came here to say this too, this is a really dangerous picture honestly, there is a reason ‘Drink Responsibly’ exists,” someone else wrote. Another person just seemed grossed out, writing, “The thought of drinking tequila from a bottle with a straw makes me want to vomit.” However, back in the comments section on the original post, most commenters seem more preoccupied with the totally context-free bottles of blood. “So we’re not gonna talk about the blood picture?” one person commented. Another queried, “What’s the Kardashian obsession with blood?”

We get what she’s doing with the tequila, but we’ll leave it to the woman herself to explain the blood.


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