Kelsey, the wife of The Wanted’s star, leads tributes to centre of our World’ following her battle with cancer.

Tom Parker: Tom Parker is a cancer activist (2/2)

Parker stated that his brain tumour had been removed “stable” “under control”.

Parker, who was speaking alongside his wife October 2021, said that they may discuss their third child within a year, but that they are not sure. “new mission is trying to better the treatment for cancer”.

Parker later revealed his identity. “staggered”Even though a vaccine for Covid-19 was discovered within one year, there were no better treatments for brain tumours.

Parker was positive and upbeat throughout his battle with cancer, thanks to the support of his wife Jennifer and his bandmates. Parker announced that he would be announcing his retirement in 2021. “didn’t want to pay cancer any attention”.

He spoke openly about his illness during the lead-up to his charity concert, saying: “It’s not that I’m ignoring cancer but I just don’t want to pay it any attention.

“The more attention you pay it, the more it consumes your life and I don’t want to consume my life.

“I’ve got kids, I’ve got family. So I just try and just ignore it as much as possible.”


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