Keira Knightley shares similarities with Natalie Portman in Star Wars and Real Life

Numerous fans claim that Keira Knightley is like Natalie Portman, but they actually have less in common than you might think.

Keira Knightley (Hollywood star) and Natalie Portman (Hollywood star) share many physical similarities. Their moms even had trouble telling them apart while they were working in the same office. “Star Wars” film.

Both actresses admit to being confused for one another. But are they really identical? Scroll down to discover the truth.


People began comparingThe 1999 look of Knightley and Portman, which was “Star Wars“The Phantom Menace” was released. Portman portrayed Queen Padmé, and Knightley played Sabé, Padmé’s handmaiden. Portman was 16 years old at the time and Knightley 12 years.

Still, casting directors must have noticed physical similarities between both actresses because Sabé and Padmé would Change roles during crises, meaning that Sabé would disguise as the Queen and Padmé would wear handmaiden clothes.

Keira Knightley, February 18, 2019, London, England. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Although Sabé’s role in the story was paramount, Knightley barely remembered it. In a 2020 interview, the British actress admitted she thought she played Padmé.

Knightley later claimed that she was just 16 when she began her career in this industry. “Star Wars”She couldn’t recall much of it. It was hard for her to fall asleep because she spent so much time in the background.

Three years later “Phantom Menace”Knightley was cast in, and the news came out. “Bend It Like Beckham” – her breakthrough role. Elizabeth Swann was her breakthrough role. “Pirates of the Caribbean”Film series.


Keira Knightley might share similar facial features to Natalie Portman, but they aren’t identical. Knightley, who was born in London, has a four year age gap. Three inches higherPortman was born in Jerusalem (Israel)

It is important to note that Knightley and Knightley stand, smile, move, and act differently. Knightley has been described as having a “smiling” look by many. “slightly wilder”Portman seems to be more of an actor than Portman. “homebody”Knightley.

Portman also discussed her similarities to Knightley and Millie Bobby Brown as well as Emily Ratajkowski.

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Internet usersThey also shared their opinions online about the similarities between the actresses. Some believe they shared a more similar look when they were younger.

Knightley was the recipient of numerous awards over the years. “stunning”Portman is the Coco Mademoiselle ambassador for Chanel, while Chanel created a “girl-next-door beauty.”

Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman aren’t two peas in one pod, but fans often mistake them for each other. Interview with James Corden “The Late Late Show,”Knightley said that she was chased through the airport by people who believed she was a terrorist. She was Portman.

After she says that, she is mistaken for Portman “a lot,”Knightley acknowledged that fans thought she was too “Mare of Easttown”Kate Winslet, actress “Black Widow”Star Rachel Weiss and pop icon Britney Sprung.

Portman will also be in January 2020 Her similarities were addressedTo Knightley, Millie Bobby Brown and Giada de Laurentis.

Portman accepted the Dolly Parton Challenge. This involved sharing a collage of profiles that they chose for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Portman added an unexpected, hilarious twist.

Instead of choosing images of her, she chose one of Brown to use on LinkedIn, one from De Laurentiis to use on Facebook, one from Knightley for Instagram and one from Ratajkowski for Tinder.


Portman and Knightley have very different lives. Portman, who is married to Benjamin Millepied (a French dancer and choreographer) has two children, Aleph born in 2011 and Amelia born in 2017.

Knightley is married with James Righton, a British musician. Edie, who was born in 2015, is her second child. Delilah was born in 2019.

It is also possible to find discrepancies in their career paths. Portman is available for interviews and has an Instagram account. Marvel Cinematic UniverseIn “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

However, KnightleyShe is now off social media, and has not been involved in any high-profile projects. One of her most recent films. “Silent Night,”2021. Keira Knightley is not the same as Natalie Portman, but they are both actresses who love their moms. Way to go!


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