Kehlani is unable to fall asleep in choreography-filled “Up At Night” video

Kehlani shared the official video of their latest single ‘Up At Night’ – you can watch it below.

The song appears on the Californian R&B artist’s third studio record ‘Blue Water Road’It was released on Friday, April 29. Although Justin Bieber is featured on the album version, he is not in the new visuals.

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At the start of the clip, Kehlani – full name Kehlani Ashley Parrish – asks their phone to “play my sleep playlist”Before getting into bed, she sings. Then she sings ‘Up At Night’They look at the sheets with their eyes closed, as sinister-looking silhouettes are projected across them.

Suddenly, we switch to a scene that sees Kehlani and a crew of backup dancers unleash a ’00s girl group-style choreographed routine. The star appears in various other locations – including a glitzy black-and-white setting – but ultimately ends up back in bed.

Kehlani explained what the song meant by explaining it: “It’s about having a healthily obsessed relationship. You’re telling someone, ‘I love you so much it keeps me awake at night’.”

You can listen here

Talk to Camille Atebe for last week’s Big Read cover feature, Kehlani criticised Noel Gallagher over his recent comments regarding authenticity in music.

The singer was able to recall her own memories. American Idol in 2011 while talking about Harry Styles‘ X Factor beginnings. Gallagher said recently that such shows have been a success. “got nothing to do with music whatsoever”Styles was a good example.

“That person [Gallagher] – whoever that is – can kiss my ass,” Kehlani told Camille Atebe. “They might as well call me inauthentic and I’m about as authentic as it gets.”

The artist also stated that they felt the same way elsewhere in the conversation. “lighter, more mature [and] happy”After completing a year-long ritual cleansing. She committed to sobriety and only went out for work-related purposes. “ceremony process”.

In a four-star review of ‘Blue Water Road’, Camille AtebeIt was said that the album was largely “finds Kehlani in spectacular form – softer, stronger and better than ever”.


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