Katie Thurston Defends Madi Prewett’s Quick Engagement

It seems that no matter what a person does, there will always be people who disagree with them. This is becoming increasingly evident. Bachelor Madison Prewett, alum. She recently announced her engagement with Grant Troutt. They have not been together very long. Madi has been criticized for jumping into the engagement. Now, Katie Thurston is standing up for her in true Katie style. Continue reading to learn more.

Katie Thurston defends Madi Prewett’s quick engagement

Bachelorette Katie Thurston was known for her support of others and for her belief in what she stands for in Bachelor Nation. During The Bachelor Katie stood up for women in difficult situations on the show. It was part and parcel of her landing. The Bachelorette gig.

Katie is now defending another person. There are many who are criticizing Madison Prewett’s quick engagement with Grant Troutt. They have only been together for nine months. Having been on the show and knowing how quickly relationships can form and work out for some, Katie jumped to Madi’s defense.

Katie Go to TwitterShe invited you to share your thoughts. She said, ‘Contestants get engaged after 6-8 weeks which really translates to even less time when you consider the actual time spent together. You don’Madi gets to cheer on the leads, but not enough. We are so proud of her! Congratulation on finding your love! #TheBachelorette”

Madi’s engagement

Madison shared the good news on Instagram that she has found her happily-ever-after. While she’s only been dating Grant, who happens to be the heir to billions, for nine months, she is happy.

Madi has gushed over her relationship with Grant noting that he’s everything she’s ever wanted.

The big proposal was made in Palm Beach, Florida. Madi wanted to marry in a very special dress. She had no idea how the dress would fit until her sister and mom showed her.

Grant went out of his way to make Madi’s proposal extra special. He brought candles, flowers, and a special Bible engraved with Madi’s new name. He also gave her the ring she had always wanted.

Although they haven’t yet announced a wedding date, they said they would like a brief engagement.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their new chapter together.

What is the longest they’ll wait before getting married?

Keep checking back for more updates.


Katie Thurston Defends Madi Prewett's Quick Engagement
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