Katie Lowes on Making the Change from Shondaland To Comedy

Katie LowesShe is always ready to laugh.

Fresh off her role in the hit Netflix series Anna Invented, the Scandal alum is making the switch from drama to comedy in the new CBS series How we rollThe premiere of, airs March 31. E! News’ Daily PopHosting Justin SylvesterActress and guest host Melissa Peterman To discuss the switch from Shondaland and multi-cam.

I grew up watching popular sitcoms, such as Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond King of Queens, Lowes said she was excited to let her “inner theatre nerd”It’s like filming a sitcom and putting on a performance. “one-act play every week.”

“Getting up on the stage every week and trying to make people laugh with [costar] Pete Holmes, who’s a real stand-up comedian and a genius, is really scary,”She agreed. “I like to do things that scare me.”

Most importantly, she is her real-life friend. ScandalCreator Shonda Rhimes, supported the new acting venture, though Lowes says would jump at the chance to work on another of her pal’s shows.


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